The American Educational Guidance Center Now Offering Help for Displaced ITT Students

Students who were enrolled at closed schools and colleges, including ITT, can now get free, professional counseling to help them identify and enroll in other schools and colleges meeting their needs.

The American Educational Guidance Center <> is offering free help to ITT students displaced by the institution’s abrupt closure today.

ITT’s decision to close without notice after federal investigations found numerous legal violations which ultimately led to the school being barred from participation in government-sponsored financial aid programs, has left 40,000 students in limbo.

“As a former high school counselor and college dean of admission who has developed higher education websites, I am happy to see the government crack down on institutions which prey on students and the taxpayers who support financial aid programs intended to help students, not enrich greedy corporations”, said AEGC president Dan Rosenfield. “But, something must be done to help the students victimized when the questionable institutions close.”

That is why Rosenfield and his small organization hope to offer free assistance to as many students displaced by ITT and other institutions as possible.

“Students who need help in identifying institutions meeting their needs can turn to our website or many like it, but we will now try to help those students individually if they wish. Students may contact me directly at <> and I’ll do my best to advise them”, Rosenfield added.

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Company Name: The American Educational Guidance Center
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