Special CO2 Laser Marking Machine for PET Purified Bottle-LC30F

The PET Water Bottle CO2 Laser Marking Machine mainly used for all kind of material or package surface, which could print message online with high speed. Compare with tranditional laser coding machine, online CO2 laser marking machine could print online, but tranditional can not. During printing process, the product no need stop but run on conveyor belt, greatly improve the production efficiency. The laser marking machine could satisfy industrial production requirement, it could cover most of area which inkjet printer application range. Because of laser printer special advantages, such as no consumptive material, no pollution, high working efficiency, it is widely used for medicine,wine,beverage, electronic industry, auto spare parts, clothes, plastic, pipes etc.


 CO2 laser marking machine is widely used in PET material marking, such as a variety of PET bottles, it is a high performance laser printer for online making machine.


The working principle of laser marking machine: using the focused laser beam on the surfaces of different materials, the material surface will have a indelible marking. High pulse CO2 laser beam, controled by software to light or closed, laser will be focus again after through field lens, make the beam tiny and stronger. The printing will be finished after galvanometric scanner high speed shake. The printing effects is exposed the surface material substance evaportation, or have some chemical changes/physical changes after high pulse, high energy light heating. Or burned part of material surface(such as wood).


laser marking machine application characteristics:

  A, strong anti-counterfeiting mark : The mark cannot erase or remove, high technology content.

  B: the special printing: anti channeling goods and fake products, easy to regional sales management.

  C: the content of printing is roughly same, second time use machine without adjustment, easy to operate.

  D:no need any consumable material, it could save more running cost

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