This Indie Short Film Needs Only 9 Seconds of Emma Watson to Send Out a Strong Message of Equality

London, UK – Just nine seconds of Emma Watson is what this upcoming indie short film needs to send out a huge message. ‘Looking for E’ is director Edoardo Galeone’s labor of love that champions gender and social equality like no other contemporary film does.

‘Looking for E’ revolves around Ed, a young Italian facing the usual frustrations of an uninspiring job, racism and issues like Brexit, and his girlfriend Jennifer who gets paid less than her male counterparts. Ed is a childhood fan of Emma Watson and believes she has the answers. After a bout of delusions, he enters and wins a contest where the winner would meet the cast of a film that includes Emma Watson. At the premier however, Ed’s dreams do not materialize as he had wished.

Through this movie, Galeone and his group of filmmakers intend to spark discussions on gender equality, immigration and other themes. The short film is a crowdfunded project on Indiegogo, which also includes several other video projects. The film requires only a few seconds of footage of Emma Watson, and that has led to the creation of the hashtag: #9SecondsofEmma.

Ed and his partner Duane are students at UCA, Farnham, UK, where they study cinema, storytelling, production and management.

I love challenges, and ‘Looking for E’ is both the best and the toughest one I have ever faced. Talking about themes such as gender equality and immigration is so important in the times we are living in,” said Edoardo Galeone.

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