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Regen Fix comes in multiple treatment sizes in attractive eye catching shelf displays. Regen Fix treatment sizes are available in 60-gallon treatments, 100-gallon treatments, and 200-gallon treatment sizes.
Regen Fix saves trucking fleets & owner-operators money by dramatically reducing the costs associated with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). This revolutionary proactive product helps diesel fuel burn more efficiently and stops soot from building up on the DPF. Regen Fix improves driver’s fuel economy, reduces DPF maintenance, and extends the life of the DPF.


Regen Fix Fuel Treatment Stops Problems Caused By EPA’s Mandated DPF Filters

Trucking fleets and owner-operators have been in a pickle since 2007 when the EPA mandated all heavy-duty diesel engines install a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Since then, truckers & heavy equipment operators have been dealing with poor fuel economy and increased costs involved with cleaning, maintaining, and replacing their DPF filters.

The problem for drivers occurs when the DPF accumulates soot, as it’s designed to do. In order to clean the filter a truck must enter into a process called Regeneration, which involves introducing very high heat into the exhaust system to burn the soot collected on the filter.

In order to produce the heat necessary to clean the DPF an engine has to “regen” and use additional fuel to increase temperatures to burn the soot. Regening too often will result in high fuel consumption. However, not regening soon enough increases the risk of engine damage or uncontrolled regeneration, and possible DPF failure.

iXL Technologies, a US manufacture of fuel treatments, has developed a solution called Regen Fix which stops soot from forming and accumulating on the DPF in the first place. As most other methods require manually cleaning the DPF once the problem has already occurred, Regen Fix offers a unique proactive solution to the problem of regeneration.

Regen Fix is a diesel fuel treatment that is added to the fuel tank to improve fuel consumption and combustion. The proprietary formula helps diesel fuel burn more efficiently, reduces soot formation from occurring, and dramatically decreases forced regeneration.

When drivers use Regen Fix they improve fuel economy by not entering into forced regeneration to clean the DPF. Temperatures are reduced in the exhaust system which dramatically extends the life of the DPF, saving drivers thousands of dollars over the life of the vehicle. Regen Fix also lubricates injectors, boosts cetane, and reduces DEF consumption.

Fleets and owner-operators no longer have to suffer from reduced fuel economy and high DPF maintenance costs by simply treating their fuel with Regen Fix.

For more information on Regen Fix visit www.IXLoil.com or call 1-844-iXL-OILS.

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