How can stay at home moms, and working women get help? New treatments are the key.

FLORIDA – 9/9/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — In our world today, finding the time and perhaps convenience of getting things done and meeting up with schedules can be demanding, confusing and sometimes frustrating. For a majority of women, perhaps married, stay-at-home moms, the story aren’t much different. Experiences abound and telltales of exhausting and exhilarating daily retinue of never- ending tasks – of work, family and the home are the norm. For single busy women and especially stay-at-homes, how can they keep up getting adequate addiction care with their ever busy lifestyles? And for those who care so much about “reputation” or “stigmatization”, what options do they have?

 It is in light of this that many have sought for a highly reliable program that would fit their needs. While some may take the chance, it is not surprising that many others have taken their destiny in their own hands with a determined initiative to seek help given the circumstances. They try cold turkey, 12 step, therapy, and sometimes church but long term help seems elusive.

For those who really cannot “go away” for the traditional 28 day treatment routine, what to do? If you have no family close and have no one to take care of your family, the idea of going away only causes more terror and grief. Even traditional outpatient can be super challenging as they are usually 3 to 5 days a week for several hours and that usually collides with time to pick up kids, or go to work. 

Many (not just working moms) are also desperately searching for new more innovative approaches to addictions, as treatment has not changed much in the last 50 years. Why has not addiction treatment keep up with the current changes in medical, psychological, and alternative or complimentary approaches?

Tina, a 35 year old single mom who works full time and had an addiction to pain pills, could not go to treatment due to child care. Despite the challenge, she wanted to get better and then she found Dr. William Horton’s Live Free Online Recovery Program for addicts. It was a completely convenient program and just what she had wanted. A mother of two and a full time nurse, Tina got started on pain pills from a doctor for a back injury. She had narrated the difficulties she’d encountered when she wanted help. She had wanted to go to AA, but found so many constraints, specifically with combining her job, her kids and other social activities. It was a tough decision to make.

“I had originally tried AA, but I never found time to attend even one meeting” explained Tina, now pregnant with a third. “I have never experienced such freedom and convenience. It just makes everything easy and I feel much better for it” she concluded. She found a fit in the Live Free Online Addiction Recovery Program. 

Chris, a 48 year old teacher who started drinking a lot after the kids left home feared so much for her reputation. She needed help. She wanted help. But she never wanted to go to AA. She feared it could put her job in jeopardy. Chris had complained of a close friend in such predicament stating that she’d got a lot of negative feedback after going to treatment (AA) and some parents complaining “an alcoholic, drug addict shouldn’t teach our kids”. Chris, also a part time softball coach finally found success in the Live Free Online Program. In her words, “I have never found such a free, absolutely convenient and extremely private recovery program as this. It’s just what suits me”. Today, Chris remains thankful for the opportunity and turn-around care she has received. She had acknowledged that “It’s something you can do right from anywhere, any place and anytime. It doesn’t limit you”. 

Joyce, a 58 year old grandmother and social worker who had to watch the grandkids while her son worked (since he is a single Dad) and wanted to get off drinking and tranquilizers, found Dr. Horton’s program through a friend and since then, she had never remained the same. The Live Free Online program had helped her lose weight and kick the habit via telemedicine. The articulate grand mom had recalled how she had met Jean, her friend who had introduced the Live Free program to her and how that moment turned out to be the turning point in her life. She had confided in Drake, her son, who had been so much concerned about her drinking habit and had felt so much relieved since noticing improvements. “I’m so happy about how and what I’ve turned out to be today” she explained. “It was never too late and I’m even happier that my son is happy about it” she added. It was indeed to a turning point in her life. 

As a social worker she understood that addiction can be fatal both physically and easily fatal to relationships.

Linda, a professional who worked with a security clearance fell into the trap of “drinks after work”. While everyone else went home, she kept going and she felt traditional treatment could jeopardize her career, so she wanted a way to get better fast – at home and at her own convenience. She had wanted something different, something unique – and there, just in time, she found the Live Free Online program. She had narrated how picky she was with issues about “addiction recovery” and how that has substantially affected her decision making and thought process. It was a never-ending battle. The combination of Neuro Restructuring Techniques with traditional therapy was the key.

“It was more or less a fight between my head and my heart, between me and my inner self. It was never easy” she narrated. “I am grateful for this and have never been happier”, Linda, now 38 added. She recalled the various steps she had taken in the long tortuous journey to recovery, sobriety and freedom. “It was well worth it”, she concluded.

Dr. William Horton and The Live Free Online Addiction Recovery Program uses an online based approach, meeting the needs of its clients, and giving them the tools to not just recover from their addiction but to regain that passion for living. It is totally committed to enhancing addiction treatment in the 21st century using modern based approach. 

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