September 9, 2016 – Female Studs vs Fems is a popular website dedicated for the love and freedom of women who want to be themselves without any judgement or shame. Women in most lesbian relationship love to play roles of feminine and masculine but they are often embarrassed by the fear of being judged or shaming but not anymore. Female Studs vs Fems is a place for women to find lesbian love with the freedom of being whatever they want to be, be it masculine or feminine.

A Female Stud is a woman with lesbian orientation who tends to act as a masculine partner in a relationship whereas a Fem is the feminine partner of that relationship who is always feminine and both of them combine to make a perfect and exciting natural relationship while remaining their lesbian identity and sexual orientation. FemaleStudsvsFems.com is the perfect place for such women who can find love online and also share their experience with the rest of their likes from all over the world.

With over 1,500,000 LGBTQ visitors per month, the company is a decade old. It is a privately helped lifestyle brand company and is one of its kind in the world. With a history, recognition and unprecedented plan of action, Female Studs vs Fems is now a brand many are looking forward to for love. The title page welcomes single ladies and tells them to find her by just being themselves so the members do not need to pretend to be someone else like most people do on dating websites to find love and it gives them a stronger bonding.

“Our engagement, entertainment, production as well as promotions help support the LGBTQ, especially Female Studs community worldwide.” Says website’s about us. Masculine women have always faced shaming and judgement worldwide but the mission of female studs is predominantly to empower the masculine women and give them a sense of freedom like no place else.

Founded by Becca Morgan in 2007, the team comprises of Michele Storm who is the Chief Technical Officer and Braddy Patterson, the Director of Marketing. The company is being led by these visionary women and aims to work with full dedication for the rights and freedom of the women who are peaceful, independent and loving.



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