NYT bestselling author Steve Jackson haunts bookshelves with a new WildBluePress true crime original – Available Now BOGEYMAN

“He was every parent’s worst nightmare. The bogeyman they’d warned their children about disguised as the friendly stranger; the fiend who lurked in the shadows outside of bedroom windows waiting for his chance to strike.
 Then a team of tenacious Texas lawmen set out to bring the monster to justice and make sure he never harmed another child.”

BOGEYMAN, the new true crime thriller from New York Times bestselling author Steve Jackson, depicts in gripping, dramatic detail the inspirational story behind the hunt for one of U.S. history’s worst serial child killers. An award-winning journalist with nineteen books to his credit published by the likes of HarperCollins, Simon&Schuster, and Kensington, Jackson is one of America’s top true crime writers. He’s known for such highly praised works as MONSTER, NO STONE UNTURNED, and NOT LOST FOREVER. Now in  BOGEYMAN, Jackson teams with the Texas and Indiana lawmen who worked the case to bring you this incredible story of tragedy and triumph.

Book synopsis:
When a young Texas detective, Gary Sweet, walked into the Garland Police Department’s “murder closet,” in 1996 he had no idea that he was taking the first step in an eight-year journey to solve three child abduction-murders from the mid-1980s. In a series of fateful coincidences, or divine inspiration, he found himself pulled into the search for a bogeyman who struck in broad daylight and then disappeared.

Along the way, Sweet gained an odd assortment of allies—from prison inmates to other law enforcement officers, such as Mesquite police detective Bruce Bradshaw and Indiana State Police investigator Jeff Heck. Together they’d have to determine if informants could be trusted when they came forward with reports of a man who boasted about committing up to fifty abductions and murders. And then find the one victim said to have survived the encounter with a monster.

Only by piecing together dozens of disparate bits of information, and finding witnesses to crimes committed more than a dozen years earlier, will they be able to put together a case against David L. Penton, whose depredations not only devastated the families of his victims, but the lives of the lawmen who pursued him. And finally leading them to a dramatic showdown with the bogeyman.

What others are already saying about BOGEYMAN:
“Jackson gives a master class on true crime reporting in BOGEYMAN. He writes with both muscle and heart as he chronicles every parent’s worst nightmare. Taut and smart, his prose defies any reader to set it aside.”—Gregg Olsen, New York Times bestselling author of IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU.

“Absorbing and haunting! BOGEYMAN spills creepily across the page with Steve Jackson’s hellatious verve and insight, reminding us there are few better explorers of the American berserk.”–Ron Franscell, bestselling author of THE DARKEST NIGHT

About the book:
“Jackson writes deeply. … It’s all in BOGEYMAN, a fascinating, well-paced read about the lows and highs of cold case investigations.” – bestselling author and psychologist Katherine Ramsland in Psychology Today http://snip.ly/N7N

WFAA-TV Dallas featured the book, as well as USA Today (http://snip.ly/OLm).

“Steve Jackson’s latest, BOGEYMAN, reveals a living, breathing nightmare that haunted parents, as well as detectives. Be sure to add it to your reading list if you’re a fan of true crime books.” – Aaron Habel, host of Generation Why Podcast

BOGEYMAN by Steve Jackson
978-0-9905573-0-2    Mass Market Paperback ISBN
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Publisher: WildBlue Press
Date of publish: Aug. 5, 2014
Pages: 280
eBook Price: $7.19
Mass Market Paperback: $8.49

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