Qualify Me offers education services to transform skills for jobs as nationally recognised qualifications

12.09.2016 Qualify Me, the educational facilitator offers several services such as corporate and government training, RPL specialization, trainee ships and apprenticeships while doubling up as an international student agency to assist students across the globe. People can now get their work experiences and overseas qualifications nationally recognised while filling up the gaps prevailing in their work knowledge and enjoy the better RPL process at the same time. RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning process aims at changing the work experience and job skills of people into useful qualifications, which are nationally recognised.

Qualify Me offers Backflow Prevention Accreditation to help the plumbers earn much more after the completion of this course. The plumbers who have this accreditation would be capable of testing and maintaining the backflow prevention as per the request placed by the recognised Water Authorities. They also offer Disconnect and Reconnect licence, which is a short course to help individuals deal with fixed electrical equipments. It helps the applicants of the restricted electrical licence to operate motors, water heaters and other appliances and earn a huge sum of money each month. The plumbers can opt for TMVs or Thermostatic Mixing Valves to get water supply, which is well tempered. TMVs are a major requirement for NSW Department of Health at elderly care centres, child care and hospitals.

According to the spokesperson of Qualify Me, they have well organized and streamlined processes to nationally recognise the overseas qualifications. Their assessors perform a free assessment of the job skills of the individuals by discussing about their job goals and guide them to select the perfect qualification that would be in par with their job skills to help them achieve even long term goals within a short time frame. They also make sure to gather and create an evidence portfolio comprising of the individual’s latest resume, work samples, transcripts, overseas qualifications, reference letters and videos or photos. As soon as their assessors have scrutinised these documents, they would have a competency conversation with the individual and ask for a practical observation, if needed. Once the individual passes through these rounds then, their overseas certificates would be nationally recognised by their partner college to help the individual get a promotion or pay rise. For more details about their procedures, please refer to http://qualifyme.edu.au.

Apart from offering education services, Qualify Me also offers business start up package for free as soon as their students get a licence, qualification or accreditation. They go the extra mile to create a professional custom made website for their students based on their preferences and portray their business model. They also provide company registration for free and offer business consultation with the top business gurus to help them get an insight about the trending marketing skills and strategies that work wonders in the business sector.

About Qualify Me: Qualify Me is an educational facilitator that specializes in offering various services like traineeships, apprenticeships corporate and government training, RPL specialization etc. and performs as the international student agency for assisting international students.

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