Legal Issue Simplified: Legal Expert Reveals Basic But Powerful Legal Tips In Her New Book

September, 2016 – Legal expert, writer Sade Ogunbode releases a new book, Handle Legal Issues Like a Pro: 50+ Tips for Foreclosure, Real Estate & Collections. This book speaks directly to many of the issues that consumers face daily. The book shares insights, case studies and lessons learned. It is written as a quick reference guide, contains Q&As, practical step-by-step suggestions, and must-have knowledge regarding civil litigation.

For over seven days, Amazon rated the 80 page book, Handle Legal Issues Like a Pro: 50+ Tips for Foreclosure, Real Estate & Collection, as #1 New Release in Consumer Law for Amazon Hot New Releases.

As long as consumer goods and services exist, there is a need for consumers to know their rights and obligations and those of the many entities who serve them. Just as knowing CPR or First Aid can sometimes make all the difference in the world before a doctor appears on the scene, legal know-how and early legal intervention can make all the difference before a lawyer is ever added to the mix. Everyone should be able to handle common consumer transactions and legal issues with full confidence.

Readers will learn what works and gather many actionable insights on common consumer issues, including: how to better assert their rights with creditors, prepare a persuasive case for court, resolve common real estate issues, protect their interest, reputation and credit. This book is a must have.

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“The confidence needed to handle a legal issue comes from knowledge and experience. Chances are you have a little bit of both but need more perspective since Consumer Law is not your area of focus. If I had an issue in your line of work, I wouldn’t think twice before asking you for guidance. We all sometimes need the help of other experts. That is why I wrote this short guide.” says, Ms. Sade Ogunbode.

A verified buyer on Amazon also comments, The book is a user-friendly, clear and concise legal guide, written by someone who really knows her stuff! I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an easy to read, informative book about consumer areas of law.”

About The Author

Ms. Sade Ogunbode has a successful career as a legal practitioner involved mainly with Consumer Law matters. She is founder and principal attorney at her law firm where she works relentlessly to secure the peace of mind of clients while protecting their assets and credit. She enjoys leveling the playing field between everyday consumers and slick business entities especially in reference to foreclosure and collection defense. She believes timely knowledge is crucial for consumers and therefore releases free Legal Help videos every Friday on her firm website and Facebook page.

Ms. Ogunbode holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Houston, a J.D. from South Texas College of Law, and worked as a Software Analyst and a Special Ed teacher prior to practicing law.

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