Author and Beauty Industry Expert Jay Renee’ is all set for the Beauty Industry Professionals’ Road To Six Figures on September 18th, 2016 in Richmond ,Virgina

Jay Renee’, a popular beauty industry expert and author will be holding a seminar on September 18th,2016 in Richmond, Va. She will be discussing about the latest beauty trends and the secrets that lie within the industry. After the Richmond seminar, she also plans to expand in further cities and countries while especially speaking for the beauty industry professionals and individuals interested in making a career beauty industry. The seminar is a part of her Road to Six Figures tour which will be held in other cities later in the year.

Jaye Renee is a renowned beauty industry expert as well as an author, speaker, educator and licensed stylist who has been featured in Black Enterprise, NY Daily News, CBS, International Business Times and more. She is an experienced entrepreneur who believes in improving lives of people by helping them in their business and assisting them in becoming financially independent. As a consultant, she has guided many professionals and individuals by providing them useful insights of the beauty industry and its inner workings.

Over the years she has gained vast experience about business and marketing which she now aims to pass it to others for improving their business. As a motivational speaker, she offers practical guidance and advice to the professionals on fundamentals of the business, beauty industry and required motivation and mindset needed to succeed in the field.  She acts as a business coach to many and successfully helped them in improving their business further.

Renee’s book “The 6 Figure Stylist-Secrets to Exploding Your Beauty Industry Business & Creating Success by Design” has gained quite popularity among the beauty professionals who learn about the essentials of the industry, the steps to become successful in the industry, waysto gain loyal clientele and how to set goals and achieve them among other things.  Through the Richmond seminar, she aims to provide essential tips on setting foot into the beauty industry and establish oneself as a successful beauty professional. All the interested participants can register for this free event at


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