ProtectStar Camera Guard for Mac Offers Secure Protection for Webcam and Microphone

Miami-based security solutions company, ProtectStar today introduces Camera Guard Professional for Mac 2016, their security solution that protects any Mac’s webcam and microphone from being accessed by hackers, spyware or malware. Camera Guard Professional runs quietly in the background, constantly monitoring for applications or processes that attempt to access the Mac’s camera or microphone. The app efficiently blocks any attempted access, and immediately informs the user of the access attempt.

Miami, Florida – ProtectStar today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Camera Guard Professional for Mac 2016, their security solution that protects any Mac’s iSight camera, webcam, and microphone from being accessed by hackers, spyware or malware. With two clicks of the mouse, Camera Guard Professional stays alert for and completely blocks any applications or processes that attempt to access the camera or microphone of any Mac computer.

Camera Guard Professional quietly monitors the Mac’s webcam and microphone for any attempts to access the protected equipment. If it detects an attempt by an unauthorized party or app, The app immediately shuts down access, while also alerting the user to the attempt. A record of all access attempts and warnings are kept in a convenient log file, and the app’s intelligent Deep Detective feature can even detect previously unknown attacks.

“Illegal monitoring of webcams and microphones on computers is on the rise. Until now, all you could do was place a piece of tape over your webcam and microphone port, and hope for the best,” says Chris Bohn, CEO of ProtectStar. “But by installing Camera Guard Professional, any Mac user can have complete peace of mind that their privacy is protected completely and automatically, with just a few clicks of their mouse or trackpad!”

In addition to easy installation, setup, and operation, Camera Guard Professional also offers an added layer of security by protecting the individual settings of the software via a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that the user creates and enters. Any changes to the settings of the app will then require the entry of that PIN in order to take effect.


• Web camera protection
• Pop-Up notifications regarding security breaches
• Logfile protocol
• Microphone protection
• Deep Detective(TM)
• Protection against known and unknown attack attempts
• Passcode protection
• 24/7 Support by e-Mail

Camera Guard Professional also offers an intelligent and versatile feature called Deep Detective, which keeps a close eye on all attempted accesses to the protected Mac. While similar to the more common firewall or intrusion detection systems available from other companies, Deep Detective proactively protects the system from hackers, spyware and Trojans. The feature actively monitors which processes or programs attempt to access the camera, as well as reporting both known and unknown attack attempts via its modern heuristic methods.

The utility makes an ideal addition to any anti-virus scanners or firewalls users may already have in place. The app can be used in combination with other security solutions, in order to add an additional layer of easy to maintain security to any Mac computer. Plus, the app is a fast and elegant solution, designed to use a minimal amount of system resources, leaving only a minimal footprint on available processing power, memory, and disk space.

“Just like so many other computer users, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and FBI-chief James Comey both tape over the webcam and microphone of their laptop,” continues Chris. “But by using Camera Guard Professional, your Mac’s camera and microphone are securely protected from unauthorized monitoring. Plus, you don’t have to ruin the beautiful lines of your Mac with unsightly pieces of masking or electrical tape!”

Device Requirements:

• Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher (Supports macOS Sierra)
• 64-bit processor
• 30 MB
• Internet connection for activation and updates

Pricing and Availability:

Camera Guard Professional 2016 is normally $29.90 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies), but is available for a discounted price of only $19.90 in the first week of launch. The Pro version offers monitoring and protection of the webcam and microphone, Deep Detective, protection against both well-known and unknown access attempts, a protocol in a log file, password protection and 24/7 support via email. There is also a free version of Camera Guard available that offers protection of the webcam and safety information over accesses.


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