VidCuratorFX Software Shows The Ways To Create 100s Of Traffic Pulling Videos In Many Niches With Just One Click

VidCuratorFx is basically a Windows and Mac compatible desktop software based on Adobe AIR. The main purpose of this software is to allow users to create and help them in creating wonderfully stunning and engaging marketing videos, with just one mouse click. With VidCuratorFx, you can now create an unlimited number of slideshow videos with just one keyword. The videos will have music, transitions and animations. The images used on the slideshows are usually taken from Google, Instagram, Pixabay, Vine and Flickr automatically. The client will have the ability to edit the timeline of the video, add new transitions, animations, custom text, outro or intro slides, and various other things, using the easy to use UI of VidCuratorFx.

The VidCuratorFx PRO version comes with all the latest features, which make your online marketing video making endeavour a whole lot easier. The most important benefit of using VidCuratorFx is the unlimited number of videos you can create. Along with this, you will also get features like virtual assistant, client usage, developer license, etc. if you go for the PRO version. The videos can be easily shared on Instagram, Vimeo and Youtube once the user is done editing it. An unlimited number of social media accounts can be connected to VidCuratorFx PRO, so sharing your videos with the world is a whole lot easier. Also, you can add video keywords and title before you upload one, so as to place them on a search engine.    

The VidCuratorFx software has the ability to store 1000s of different and unique images belonging to a variety of genres, which can be used by any user to create an engaging marketing video. All these images are available for no charge whatsoever, making it even easier for the user to create a video. He or she can easily choose a wonderful set of graphics and animations for these images and mix everything to come up with a wonderful slideshow video.

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Since VidCuratorFx is based on Adobe AIR, it will have the capability to search for local businesses and service providers to find out whether or not there is a promotion video available online for that brand or business or not. The software also has the ability to connect to the social media pages, viz., Facebook and Twitter pages of these businesses quite effortlessly. These two features of the VidCuratorFx help any user to find genuine business leads for the purpose of conversion into sales, in terms of marketing or promotional videos.

The user just needs to figure out how he or she can sell a marketing video to another business, or sell products or services to other clients using their very own marketing videos. The video needs to be engaging and attractive. So you need to use the best possible themes and templates for the image slideshows to achieve this. The more unique your video looks, the better will be your business prospects.

VidCuratorFx also comes with a training manual so as to help the users better understand how to make their videos visible to a huge number of viewers on Youtube and Vimeo. Without proper visibility and exposure, making the video is simply useless, so this is a vital step of online video marketing. 

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