General Merchandise – 2700+ Items has been featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

Symak offers attractively packaged, quality products at prices that offer tremendous value.
Since 1943, Symak Sales has been offering general merchandise products in categories including Kitchen gadgets, household items, hair and personal care, pet toys, stationery, birthday candles and balloons, sewing items, shoe care products, and travel accessories. We have more than 70 years experience and knowledge to service your customers best.

Symak Sales Co Inc. is proud to announce that it has joined forces with Mr. Checkout to provide retailers and consumers with a vast assortment of products that appeal to each and every household. Symak brings to you an unmatched 73 years of experience in the general merchandise industry. Choose from more than 2700 items that are proven everyday winners.

Kitchen gadgets, including can openers, corkscrews, peelers, ice cream scoops, kitchen tools, and more than 400 other items, offer you the opportunity to always find the right product at the right price. Many of our kitchen products are available at different price points, enabling you to match the price and quality of the item with the demands of your customers. 

Household products such as tools, tapes, key holders, locks, LED flashlights, sink stoppers and strainers, not to mention over 200 other always useful items, are in constant demand. Quality is essential in these products, and your customers will recognize and appreciate the ability to offer excellent quality at prices that are attractive to the consumer.

Stationery items are always in high demand. Symak offers pens, pencils, envelopes, and markers in all sizes and colors. You will always find what you need. These products are just a small representation of our more than 400 stationery items that are sure to cover all of the needs of your customers. 

Hair care products and personal care items represent a strong category for many of your customers. Nail products, including clippers, files, emery boards, and tweezers, are among the highlights of this category. Hair brushes, combs, bobby pins, and shower caps, are excellent sellers that all stores should stock.

Symak can also supply stores with sewing items (kits, needles, pins, scissors, etc.), shoe care (laces, polishes, insoles, shoe horns), birthday candles and balloons, pet toys, travel products (bottles, luggage tags, toothbrush holders, and more). We also can supply your customers with playing cards, bingo accessories, tennis balls, and ping pong balls. 

All our packages are trilingual (English, Spanish, and French), making our products friendly to virtually all your possible customers. Our low prices and reliable quality allow the retailer to earn a healthy profit, while offering their customers easily recognizable excellent value for their hard-earned money. Symak has been listening to and learning from our customers since 1943!

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