Dennis Stamey’s The Sword of Cullen is a Faster, Weirder, Post-Tolkien Sword and Sorcery Tale

USA, September 13, 2016 – Cullen is the new Post-Tolkien hero that connoisseurs of historical fiction will quickly relate to. Dennis Stamey’s latest Kindle novella, The Sword of Cullen, is no rehash of the past, but a rollicking adventure full of arena fight-to-death action, astonishing swordplay and seductively threatening women. Bizarre creatures are a takeaway.

In just 77 pages, the Cullen takes the reader through more action than Rambo and over the top excitement that would beat Star Wars or a Tolkien work. That’s the promise Dennis has put into this little chronicle that is now taking the internet by surprise. The journey of Cullen is about regaining freedom by winning against more powerful creatures, the old fashioned hard way.

Available as a Kindle edition, the novel also treats the readers through fascinating historical details that Dennis has carefully woven. It carries on the fine taste for the paranormal that he displayed in his first novel, The Devil’s Horror Show, which did not shy away from graphical details, even packing in sci-fi to create a disturbing but well-narrated tale. In all his works, the author gladly brings into play his insights as a student of ancient, medieval and renaissance history.

It’s not a ponderous, pretentious Tolkien-style book, but a fast, thrilling read with more action than all four Rambo flicks combined and far weirder creatures than ‘Lord of the Rings.’ My aim is to put the fun in the reading,” said Dennis Stamey.

The Sword of Cullen
is now available on Amazon, and with reader interest building up, will also see sequels in the offing soon.

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