Electronicstars is back with a new version of its eSports enthusiast website

The number of start-ups in the eSports and skill gaming ecosystem is growing fast, and it is not a surprise, as the market is heading to generate $463M by the end of the year 2016. A big portion of that comes from sponsorships and marketing, which is where most competitors are trying to cash in. However, very few companies are putting together the technology required to handle efficiently so much activity, and Electronicstars is doing exactly that.

Electronicstars offers a platform where gamers challenge each other for a pot made out of cash or points contributed by same players. At the present the platform runs Counter Strike Global Offensive competitions, but they are already testing other games like League of Legends and Dota2.

The company has just released a new version of its website with improved capabilities and a fairly good response from the public. After a long testing period, the company is finally allowing players to deposit money and request cash withdrawals, making it the first competitor in its market allowing such transactions.

The company is based in Malta, a jurisdiction of the European Union which offers benefits in terms of skill gaming regulations and running costs, however, being a small island makes it much harder to access funding as expressed by the words of its CEO and founder Eduardo Pintor, “Being in the EU our running costs are very low, however, accessing funding and getting media exposure is also a bit more difficult.”

The team has been operating for two years with a modest private investment of 500K euros, and it has just secured another private investment round for the same amount. During this time the company have managed to get 200,000 active users mainly based in the EU and Easter European countries. With the new investment round the company will push for further international expansion, and the integration of new features which they claim could be a game changer.

“We are very excited to be back with this new version of the website, however, we have a lot of changes on the way which shall surprise our users in the next coming months. We are dedicated to provide visibility to good players outside the professional eSports circuits, and we want to reflect that in our platform.” Eduardo Pintor.

Media Contact
Company Name: Electronicstars
Contact Person: Miguel Raigon
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Country: United States
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