Fair Photo Agency is a New Matching Service for Sustainable Businesses and Photographers

Marketing is a major component of business operations, and most marketing projects utilize photographic images in one way or another.  There is therefore a tremendous need for companies to find photographers that possess the visual and commercial sensibilities suitable for their promotional campaign.  A new matching service called Fair Photo Agency will help companies find their ideal photographer.

Fair Photo Agency, however, is much more than a social network for photographers. It is also intended to help promote fair and sustainable business practices, by granting preference to companies that engage in the following:

  1. The ethical treatment of animals
  2. Socially sustainable business practices including a fair wage
  3. Environmentally conscious utilization of natural resources
  4. Organic and renewable resource use
  5. Insofar as possible, vegetarian or vegan lifestyles

Fair Photo Agency believes that it can help create a better world by promoting fair businesses by matching them with photographic professionals from all around the world.

The Fair Photo Agency team is currently developing this technological platform that will identify photographers and sustainable companies around the world.  Companies only need to describe the type of project with key details and wait for bids from available photographers.  Choose the most attractive bid and then just wait for the finished product.

The Fair Photo Agency development team is currently inviting the public to help them improve the world by financially supporting their Indiegogo campaign. In return for your generous support, you can receive valuable perks like Magic Photographs, photographer promotion, or a personalized Thank You on the Fair Photo Agency website.  To learn more about Fair Photo Agency or to make a donation to this worthy project, please visit http://goo.gl/iUZ0bf or check out fairphotoagency.com


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Media Contact
Company Name: Fair Photo Agency
Contact Person: Linda Grönlund
Email: linda@thephotostudio.se
City: Varberg
Country: Sweden
Website: http://goo.gl/iUZ0bf