Local Kansas City Business Is Helping Soldiers Get Healed

You read any news outlet today, and the situation as far as ex-military personnel and first responders are concerned is clear: these heroes are being forgotten and passed up for the benefits and services that they desperately need to thrive in society.

There are many blowhards going on and on about this issue, but very few people and organizations are taking active steps to make a difference. For Lionheart Contracting, a Kansas City-based commercial roofing company, the situation is different, it’s brighter, and it’s promising. This fall, Lionheart Contracting will be launching a nonprofit called Help Our Warriors.

Help Our Warriors (or HOW for short) is a nonprofit organization that will be providing life coaching, counseling, and mentoring services designed to integrate our ex-military personnel and first responders back into society. Because so many of these people, these selfless warriors, struggle to cope with psychological and emotional traumas they have experienced, extra assistance is needed, a need that the government is simply ignoring.

To this end, HOW is now partnering with other nonprofits that facilitate the processes and programs that will make our protectors well again, and as a sign of good faith, Lionheart will be donating a portion of the proceeds from every job they complete to the nonprofit for this use.

People who care, coming together, that is the principle upon which HOW is being formed. Spearheaded by Lionheart but representing the drive of so many empathetic patriots, this is a nonprofit that is sure to make a great impact in the coming years around Kansas City and surrounding area.

For more information, check out the HOW website at www.helpourwarriors.org.

Media Contact
Company Name: Help Our Warriors
Contact Person: Zach Saleh
Email: contact@helpourwarriors.org
Phone: (913) 777-4692
Address:2936 Cherry Street Kansas City MO 64108
Country: United States
Website: www.helpourwarriors.org