Creative Proteomics Has Launched a Series of Sequencing Services to Meet the Growing Market Demand

September 14th, 2016 – Based on experienced scientists and research personnels, Creative Proteomics has focused on many biological aspects, including bioinformatics, structural biology and biochemistry and so on. And recently, it has launched a series of services related to sequencing sections, such as de novo antibody sequencing, de novo protein sequence analysis and sequence analysis of peptides or proteins (N-,C-).

The newly-developed de novo antibody sequencing analysis from Creative Proteomics is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including HPLC coupled with tandem mass spectrometry and advanced computational algorithms. The de novo antibody sequencing is mainly referring to the analytical process of deriving the amino acid sequence of an antibody and discovering an associated post-translational modification. Considering the complicated workflow, Creative Proteomics has described the detailed process online. In addition, researchers can allow Creative Proteomics to complete this whole process by only offering a few hundred micrograms of an antibody with a minimunm purity of 95% for this service.

De novo protein sequence analysis in Creative Proteomics is applied to derive a peptide’s amino acid sequence from its tandem mass spectrum. It works without the assistance of a sequence database, which is the different main feature from another peptide identification methods. De novo protein sequence analysis does not need the knowledge of DNA or protein sequence, which differs from the sequence confirmation. Referring to this service, Creative Proteomics also highlighted something noteworthy, including careful experimental design, evaluation of data and a combination of different analysis. What’s more, the main processes of this service performed have been available online in Creative Proteomics.

After the update of protein sequence analysis in Creative Proteomics, there are many common application for sequence analysis of peptide or protein (N-,C-), such as verification of the N-terminal boundary of recombinant proteins, determination of the N-terminal boundary of protease-resistant domains and the identification of proteins isolated from species. What’s more, this service in Creative Proteomics can be utilized to identify modified residues or crosslinked sites in proteins. Just like the two services mentioned above, detailed processes of sequence analysis of peptides or proteins (N-,C-) workflow have been listed on website of Creative Proteomics.

“Noticing that the sequencing analysis services occupy a significant position during some biological experiments, scientists in Creative Proteomics determined to develop more services related to sequencing aspects with great foresight. We do believe that these services are only the beginning of our sequencing analysis.” said Dr. Robinson, a senior scientist in Creative Proteomics.

Just like Dr. Robinson said, these sequencing services should be the beginning of its invulnerable leadership in sequencing aspects.

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