Single Mom with Four Kids Fights Back with Crowdfunding Campaign to Inspire Other Victims of Abuse

Hayward, California, September 14, 2016 – Kiley Hightower is a single mom of four kids whose story represents that of many other single moms in the country. While battling physical and emotional abuse, they must also continue their struggle to support and provide for their kids without expecting much institutional aid. Kiley has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds so that she can kickstart her professional repair service. She also wants the campaign to inspire other single moms out there to continue with their struggle for a better future.

Domestic violence has many consequences, and some take a lifetime to recover, but not Kiley. She has chosen to rise above for the love of her kids. Until recently, she had a repair business for iPhones and iPads, but lost her vehicle in an accident. Without a means of transport, her business came to a halt. Kiley now urgently requires financial help to buy an RV vehicle so that she can continue in her professional mobile repair work and support her kids.

To get back on her feet, Kiley also needs suitable accommodation, and the RV vehicle bought from the GoFundMe campaign will provide her not only with transportation and employment, but also a home. Most shelters are not suitable for a family to live comfortably. The new vehicle is thus the key to regain life back for Kiley and show that single moms like her are made of steel, and given a fighting chance can raise a family on their own. All this while, her ex-partner is doing his best to bring her down, which makes the success of the funding campaign even more important.

While single moms like Kiley are determined to make a living, financial institutions are not always of help. Single moms who are self-employed are seen as high-risk, especially if they are also facing custody battles. Kiley aims to raise at least $55,000 to clear the down payment for a vehicle which can be both her new home with a loft for the children and also a repair shop. After raising enough money for a vehicle, she plans to donate excess funds received to a home for abused women.

Support for Kiley means igniting a trail of inspiration for millions of single moms like her who, despite being victims of violence and abuse, still wish to live out their dreams.

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