Tony Amaradio Reveals Seven Steps to Effective Stewardship

ALISO VIEJO, CA – 9/14/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Through his ‘Faithful with Finances’ ministry for which he has developed a well thought out plan to optimize resources, Tony Amaradio brings a new approach to the practice of financial stewardship. As the Founder and Chief Strategist for an investment advisory firm, Select Portfolio Management, Amaradio has established Seven Steps to Successful Stewardship to help educate and guide churches to honor God using their finances (source:

In order to help ministry clients build a strong stewardship foundation within a comprehensive wealth management model, Tony Amaradio assists them in planning for increased charitable giving and philanthropy. ‘Faithful with Finances’ ministry educates followers on tax free solutions, diversification, and expert financial planning, giving church communities the tools they need to succeed without significantly altering their budgets. The Seven Steps were designed to draw special attention to areas of intention, prayer, planning, and annual reviews (source: Tony has relationships with church ministries and communities across the nation to help them honor God with their finances, supported by his wife Carin and daughter Erika, who talk to various women’s groups in order to spread the message. They educate women on proven financial methods and the Seven Steps to help them put their relationship with the Lord at the helm of their finances (source:

Faithful with Finances’ offers an expansive tool library, including stewardship classes with study guides, free resources, and inspiring scriptures to keep the community motivated. In reference to his ministry, Mr. Amaradio said, “As the founder of a successful wealth management firm, I believe that God opened the door for us to work with the body of Christ through the church to improve financial stewardship.” He continued: “Over the past several years, we developed ‘Faithful with Finances’ to link the spiritual asset of stewardship with the practical tools needed to move from surviving to thriving.” (source: Tony Amaradio not only has the spiritual heart for helping church communities succeed, but he also has a professional finance background to help these communities move forward with a proven strategy. 

Tony Amaradio, MBA, is known as a visionary within the financial community, due to his lengthy history in the industry and passion for financial teaching and training. The ‘Faithful with Finances’ ministry was inspired by a conference that he attended called “Generous Givers”, which moved him to set aside false gods and direct all of his wealth and abilities toward serving the one true God (source: For the last few years, Tony has devoted a third of his time to his true passions, philanthropy and non-profit initiatives and training. The creation of the Seven Steps is his latest contribution to the financial ministry community in a string of accomplishments and milestones. These steps to successful stewardship have helped many faith-based communities reach their goals through professional financial planning and purposeful charitable endeavors (source:

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