Making Adopt A Cop USA a Reality

Adopt A Cop USA was born when Sgt. Frank Danysh realized the need to bridge the gap between law enforcement and community. He needed help to make it become a reality. Tiffany Arthur was unexpectedly that person.

“I met Frank to talk about Real Estate. Little did I know we would end up developing a mentoring program for kids and our local police,” Tiffany laughed. “I have always had a heart for at risk youth because I was one of them! I had a growing concern with the current perception of police officers in our country, and had even had a negative experience with police once or twice before myself. I understood.”

Currently a Realtor, Tiffany grew up in a rough neighborhood in the 1980s, sharing the lifestyle of the children she now hopes to impact with the program that partners front-line law enforcement officers as mentors to at-risk children starting with 4th grade. 

“I understand what it’s like not to trust the police. I had developed misconceptions about police based on the actions of just one officer” Tiffany said. “When I met Frank, I realized I wasn’t being fair. I wanted to help him realize his vision, because it was actually mine too.”

Tiffany and Frank experienced a connection from that first conversation. Frank’s vision turned her frustration at law enforcement into something positive. Her excitement turned his pain at feeling rejected by the community into hope. Frank was reminded that people in the community still believed in their local police.

“I couldn’t sleep for three days!” Tiffany exclaimed. “I just knew that we could change, even save, the lives of our children and police. I thought, “what if Darren Wilson and Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri, had known each other since Michael was in 4th grade? Would the outcome have been different? Yes!”

Officers mentoring children was the answer. The community-based Adopt A Cop USA program recognizes, celebrates and supports good police making a difference in children’s lives. “It’s all about saving the kids, but it saves the officers too,” Tiffany said. “They experience a deeper connection with the communities they serve.”

Kids learn courage, responsibility, integrity and commitment while being mentored by the officers, and both have a greater chance for success. The negative attitudes between the two are improved. Everyone wins.

Since Adopt A Cop USA’s inception, the Boys and Girls Clubs have been added into the mix because they help clean up neighborhoods and provide safe environments for youth. A typical chapter consists of the local Boys and Girls Club, the closest elementary school and the city police department. This can be duplicated all across the country.

Teachers, kids, police officers, the Boys and Girls Club staff, and people from all walks of life are excited about the program. There are no politics involved. “It’s a two-way street between Law Enforcement and the Community,” Tiffany said. “I guess I just adopted the first cop! Now I want to share this with children in our communities and look forward to Adopt A Cop USA helping to heal communities everywhere.”

Adopt A Cop USA is developing in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties. AAC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on Bridging the Gap between Community and Law Enforcement, One Child at a Time. By pairing front line police officers to mentor at risk children, the organization supports the relationship between the two in a way unseen through any government programs. 

Adopt A Cop USA reduces community violence and helps law enforcement to be more productive and compassionate for generations to come. The organization operates solely on individual contributions and public support. 

Please consider contributing to our efforts to create safer communities across the USA by visiting our website at Contact Sgt. Frank Danysh at 954-263-8270 or email for more information.

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