Emergency Survival Related Domains up for Sale with Affiliate Links and Information on Survival Kits

Survivalism is in the air, though not of the doomsday variety. G Sara from Connecticut describes himself as a survivalist enthusiast. He owns multiple websites with cool designs and features that spread information on how to survive those dreaded natural disasters and events such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, or even a casual power blackout. The sites sell top quality survivalist gear from Amazon and Ebay, and the domains are now up for sale.

SurvivalismNow.com, and its related domains (Survivalism.Supplies, SurvivalistShoppingCenter.com) offer useful tips and advice on preparing for emergencies and unexpected events. SurvivalismNow.com contains read-made content on various types of survival kits (tornado, hurricane, earthquake, office and emergency survival kits), how to prepare a kit, and DIY tips. As affiliates of Amazon, they also help visitors browse through some niche product and equipment categories.

There are four additional domains that are available for purchase:





The common theme running through the domains for sale is to be ready for any eventuality and survive in different situations in a world where all odds are stacked against us, whether due to corporate greed or debt ridden government resources. The sites thus make it easy to spot and find both traditional survivalist products such as tents, bags, solar lights, fishing gear or generators, as well as rare items such as stun guns, Useful and Fun items for hiding valuables such in exact duplicate band names of well-known brands of shopping center stores or mall items, to mention just a few, such as soup cans, tomatoes sauce, shaving creams, cleaning fluids hollowed out stones for hiding extra house or car keys, etc. – of course, all are hollow & empty inside but clean and ready to put small to mid-size valuables inside these and just close the authentic lids for each item.

They are great for stashing things like jewelry, rare or gold coins, gold watches, passports, extra keys, password lists, special photos, etc. (For me these are some of my favorite items I have also purchased a few myself.) tomahawks, cross-bows, walking canes & umbrellas that some have internal special safety devices inside their handles, like a mid-size sword inside, that if you are about to be mugged or attacked, some of the canes or umbrellas I offer, will surprise your “would be assailants” when you pull out that sword inside that cane or umbrella for your defense. I have many dual-use items like that, as well as dual-use tools. Also for defense we have pepper spray, mace, extra noisy whistles that can be hung on lanyards when you go out jogging or hiking in dangerous areas of town or at night.

In short, I have a lot of rare neat stuff, even funny gag items that make great gifts; one cool one is just a standard run-of-the-mill wall clock, but it runs backwards, so you would not notice it right away. What is life if you can’t have a little fun too?

All domains and websites are now currently available for purchase.

Media Contact
Company Name: Survivalism Now
Contact Person: G. Sara
Email: info@survivalism.supplies
City: Stamford
State: CT
Country: United States
Website: http://survivalismnow.com/