Company Uses Ancient Technology To Predict Baby Gender

Riverview, Florida – A Florida-based company has developed an all-natural system that will help mothers and parents anywhere to know the gender of their child during the early months of pregnancy. The company, which is called Organic Gender, hopes that their innovation will help answer the most troubling question to pregnant mothers/couples. Their early gender prediction kit is available for sale through their website. The company claims that the baby gender test kit is reliable and offers a 70%-80% accuracy result.

“Knowing whether your unborn child is a boy or a girl is one of the most explored questions around pregnancy. Our baby gender predictor will help answer that question in a safe and easy way,” says the company’s representative. “Our system is based on ancient technologies that were trusted and relied upon way before modern civilization came into being. And just like they did then, we, too, believe that the best way to answer nature’s questions is through nature itself. And that is why our system is all natural and organic. There’s no need to use complicated, expensive or invasive technologies. Trust nature and trust Organic Gender.”

According to Organic Gender, records of ancient Egyptian civilization dating to around 1350 BCE show that baby genders were successfully predicted through a natural method using seeds. Pregnant mothers would be required to apply a urine sample on wheat and barley seeds over a period of time. The seeds that germinated better would indicate whether the unborn child was a boy or a girl. The system they have in place is similar. They have tested and researched it and believe that it is the best natural way to predict gender during pregnancy. The patent may be pending on this organic innovation, but the kits are already on the market.

The baby gender test that Organic Gender is offering requires that the pregnant mother adds a urine sample to two sets of seeds that will be provided in the test kit. Each set of seeds will represent either gender and should be put in a pot that clearly indicates this. The hormones in the urine will affect germination of the seeds differently. The urine sample should be added over a period of several weeks. Once this period lapses, the seeds that represent the correct gender will sprout and flourish much better and faster than those of the other gender.

Anyone can buy the test kit. However, the company advises that tests should only be administered after week 9 of pregnancy to allow the best possible results. Inside the test kit, users will find the test seeds and an instruction manual. Users can also refer to the video guides on the company’s website for more instructions. For more about this product, contact the company via the details provided below.

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Organic Gender is located at 11402 Oak Dr, Riverview, Fl 33578. They can be reached by phone: 877.571.5445 or by visiting the website:

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