SAN DIEGO, CA – 9/19/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — SoftClouds, a CRM & CX solutions provider based in San Diego, CA is proud to announce Qupplet, its Natural Language Processing (NLP) product to query Siebel databases. SoftClouds will be presenting this product along with their other innovative solutions at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco, CA, September 18 -22,2016.

Oracle OpenWorld has always been a great platform for SoftClouds to demonstrate its CRM/CX expertise and exhibit its new products. 2016 will be the 11th consecutive year that SoftClouds has been an attendee, and the 7th consecutive year where SoftClouds will be speaking about its innovative industry solutions.

 Qupplet is an innovative product that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to allow users to query Siebel databases using plain English. It then extracts the relevant information from the database and provides users with the answers to their “questions”. Using Qupplet, the user can save up to 12 seconds on an average per query. Qupplet also provides the customer with a choice to deploy the product on premise or on cloud based on their preference – a key differentiator of Qupplet in comparison to other NLP tools in the market. Other attractive features of Qupplet are: automatic spell correction, automatic timeline checks, multiple intent query and intent calculation from the text.

Balaji Ramachandran, CEO, SoftClouds, said, “Semantic technologies like Machine Learning and NLP are gaining prominence today. Using NLP, non-subject and non-programming experts can use natural language or plain English to obtain answers to questions rather than pose queries specifically using keywords. With Machine Learning and NLP it is possible to build enhanced products and applications that can provide the tools needed to improve and deliver better user experiences.”

“We believe that people face a lot of challenges to query Siebel databases. Problems arise when a company has new hires or non-technical users who wish to query the database and have to learn query syntax when their focus should be on retrieving content.  NLP and Machine Learning techniques allow us to analyze a question to get at the intent of the user instead of having to train them on a strict programming-like syntax.  The main motivation for Qupplet, was to help users to “ask” as if they ask questions in real life and not “query” the database”, said Ray Mendoza, Ph.D., Principal Engineer at SoftClouds.

SoftClouds will be demonstrating Qupplet at the CX Service Central located within Moscone Center West at Oracle OpenWorld 2016.  SoftClouds will also be highlighting their other tools and accelerators for Oracle Knowledge and Siebel.

In the future versions of Qupplet, users can expect many new and enhanced features like voice commands input, graphical representation of search results, multi-language input, auto-completion of questions and other handy features.

SoftClouds is a CRM & CX solutions provider with a demonstrated track record of success based in San Diego, CA. With expertise in CRM, Hybrid Cloud & IoT, we deliver world-class solutions that deepen customer relationships & improve corporate profitability and have received excellent reviews from our clients. Blending Oracle products such as Siebel, OSC, OSvC, CPQ, OKM & emerging tech with specialist expertise, we deliver sophisticated products & solutions yielding measurable results & effective value.

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