Stand Out Authority Co-Founders Share 3 Key Mega Trends to Help Experts Grow

Three of the key megatrends affecting experts’ ability to grow are: growth in online education, rise in social media usage, and ‘reinforcement’ Google searches.

AUSTIN, TX – Joshua B. Lee and Clint Evans, co-founders of Stand Out Authority, help experts. These are 3 key trends the standout authority leaders are reporting to their clients and now the public at large.

1. The growth in online education – 2014 stats

According to e-learning industry “Today, e-Learning is a $56.2 billion industry, and it’s going to double by 2015. Corporations now report that e-Learning is the second most valuable training method that they use.”

2. The social media megatrend

74% of shoppers rely on social networks to guide their purchase decisions. They are looking at reviews and asking their friends for recommendations about products, services or online education courses.

Joshua B. Lee says, “The platform an expert should choose depends on what type of student the expert teaches. Facebook is a great place to start if an expert teaches about health, love, relationships, self-help, personal development or spirituality. LinkedIN is a great place to start if an expert teaches about how to improve business.”

The final big highlight on this social media megatrend topic is about branding and website visitors.

75% of business owners who used social media reported seeing more visitors to their website.

Source: stats infographic

3. The Google ‘reinforcement’ fact check

When somebody sees a speech or discovers an expert usually that person Googles this expert if they’re interested in learning more.

The person might have seen a social media post of interest, a news story on a trusted news media website, a spotlight article, a how-to article, or found an audio or video interview with the expert.

That’s the discovery phase.

The standout authority leaders did a little research online and offline about this process. They wanted to report what other steps people take before making their buying decision.

“60% of your sales time is spent looking people up and logging what you did.” — Jon Ferrara, CEO and Founder of Nimble

Clint Evans says, “The data from salespeople that Ferrara cites is very telling. If salespeople are spending that much time Googling people to sell to, clearly research is prevalent. Most everyone I talk to Googles the company and the people behind the company. They want to reinforce and verify what they first saw about that expert. Only if what they find in Google backs up their first impression do they take the next step and contact that expert.”

Lee adds, “Few people see one presentation and then buy something without doing any further research.”

People want to make sure multiple sources back up the credibility of this expert. This second step in a buyer’s research is unlikely to go away.

Evans concludes, “The trends suggest an even higher percentage going forward will take this step of Googling the expert’s company and the expert’s name to further their research before buying.”

Experts would do well to take note of these three trends. Then they can plan for how to ride these trends to attract then help those students their course material can help.

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