Sundown AI Makes Chloe, its Artificial Intelligence system, Even Smarter

Sundown AI improves users experience though a new integration

Sundown AI announces upgrades to its integration of Chloe, an artificial intelligence platform, with Zendesk, Inc’s leading cloud-based customer service platform. This combination positively impacts companies by allowing them to streamline processes and increase their productivity while continuing to use Zendesk.

Chloe has the ability to answer your customer’s written requests through different communication channels. Just as you send a regular email, or a chat through your website, Chloe would receive your customer’s request and send an immediate response directly through Zendesk. For example “What is the status of my order?” or “What discounts do you currently offer?”

Chloe provides the best customer service by predicting appropriate answers and suggesting replies to employees that would otherwise require research.  She automatically identifies policies and actions to guide her behavior from the initial training set and has the ability to learn from new experiences that will enable her to become smarter over time.

Meet Chloe

The benefits of Chloe’s integration with Zendesk uplifts your company’s experience by:

• Automate routine question answering related to your specific products/services via zendesk

• Chloe automatically learns how to answer tickets based on closed tickets using a policy graph and machine learning

• She can take actions to close out cases

• Chloe drafts allow other team members to collaborate on customer replies

• Chloe works with web chat, sms, email and social media campaigns and handles multiple tickets at once

• She understands complex requests with multiple questions using Natural Language Processing

About Sundown AI:

Sundown AI builds Artificial Intelligence applications that are powered by human curation and complement existing Business Suites to enhance communications.  Chloe, our AI system provides companies with business solutions that will reduce costs, boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.  Custom integrations are available via our API.

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