Desjardin Remains to Stand the Test of Time

The year of 1848 was a busy one in terms of world events. It was a time of unrest throughout the world as numerous revolutions brought out as people fought against oppressive governments. France was at the forefront of that struggle with their own Revolution of 1848. On 4 November, France ratified a new constitution, thus ushering in a new era of government, the Second Republic of France to replace the temporary government that had been put in place. In the United States, 1848 marked the beginning construction of the Washington Monument to honor the country’s first American president and the start of the California Gold Rush.

Meanwhile in Paris, during 1848, the Desjardin Family began their business specializing in the manufacturing of metal tin and white iron aluminum stampings. The world has changed quite a bit since 1848. France has proudly risen above the tragedies it experienced through the first and second world wars and the harsh restrictions placed on its citizens during the German Occupation during the 1940s. During its renewal, some things have come and gone forever, but Desjardin Metal Packaging has remained as one of France’s oldest metal packing manufacturers. To this day, the company remains a leader in the industry and a major exporter of metal boxes worldwide as the company has continued to flourish in both innovation and technology since the mid-1900s.

History of Desjardin

Desjardin’s manufacturing facility was located within the 10th district of Paris from 1848 through 1962. The business specialized in manufacturing tinware, including such items as pots, pans, plates, iron lanterns, storage boxes that were covered with thin layer of tin.

In 1891, with the invention of the 35mm cinema film reel by American inventor Thomas Edison, Desjardin embarked on a new market by creating metal cans for preserving 16mm and 35mm films for the film industry. The company was the supplier of movie tins to Eastman Kodak and Agfa Gaveart for many years and their tins have been used to distribute film copy for all movies theatres run by Laboratories Eclair, LTC.

Just a few years later, Desjardin made an impact on yet another industry; this time the printing industry with its industrial box for packaging printing inks. During the 1900s, Desjardin began to manufacture iron containers for the food industry to be used with packaging biscuits and sweets. Gourmets may be familiar with their packaging for specialty food items from chocolate to caviar. However, the high-quality packaging did not end with food; leading cosmetic manufacturers also began to rely upon the quality metal tins manufactured by Desjardin to package their products.

In 1963, the Desjardin family moved its company from Paris to settle in Gonesse in the Paris region, where it continues to remain today. Until 1981, the Desjardin family owned and operated Desjardin Metal Manufacturing. During that year, current President Pierre Gachot took over the helm of the company and began his quest of modernizing the company and developing new products. One such product was the Caviar box with a vacuum closure introduced in 1988 that was inspired by Gachot’s experience with the development of the vacuum ink box.

Today, Desjardin is recognized for its expertise in the metal tin packaging industry. They produce aluminum tin packaging for various sectors of industry, including offset inks, food, cosmetics and movie theatres.

Desjardin continuously invests in research and development to quickly respond to the growing needs of their customers. Thus the company keeps on shaping the market at the forefront of innovation. The company has mastered the manufacturing process from designing the tin boxes through the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD), producing its own tools for manufacturing, to producing the boxes themselves. The company is able to produce small, medium and very large containers in both iron or white aluminum and is fully automated and equipped with modern machinery.

Desjardin holds a leading role in vacuum packaging throughout five continents thanks to their multilingual sales team. The company’s export activities contribute to 80 percent of its total turnover. They are able to respond quickly to client requests because all design and manufacturing of any required tooling is performed internally.

Desjardin is the world market leader in the production of caviar tins and film tins. The company maintains a clean and safe production environment that benefits their employees and their community. Sustainability is of great importance to Desjardin and it is company policy to only use materials that can be 100 percent recycled. The benefit of metal packaging is that metal, tinplate and aluminum can be recycled indefinitely without the loss of quality and benefits the environment.


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