GTA Towing Upgrades to Latest WordPress Version

When it comes to your online marketing, nothing is worse than failing to keep your company website as up-to-date as possible. GTA Towing has stepped up their online experience for their customers by upgrading their company website to the latest WordPress version 4.6 “Pepper.”

Web developer Stan Whatt, the official website developer for GTA Towing, states, “WordPress 4.6 is really easy to use from the back end and even easier to use from the front end. Our company finds it incredibly easy to keep all our customers updated with the most recent information we have for them. And users who come to the site will have the fastest experience and get to experience the most features and benefits that new website software technology has to offer.”

Indeed, WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” (named for jazz baritone saxophone player Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III) is the best yet. Customers who visit GTA Towing’s website will find not only the information they are looking for – information about a professional towing company here in Toronto – but they will also find it presented in a well-organized, user-friendly way that is easy to navigate and looks completely professional.

With GTA Towing’s website now running WordPress 4.6, the site is even faster and offers streamlined updates with native fonts. Security is also improved, which ensures website visitors that they are protected and do not need to be concerned.

From the “back end” of WordPress 4.6, additional updates include editor improvements, resource hints, and more. These help those who edit the website be even more certain that all their information is correctly and quickly updated for the sake of the user.

All this attention to detail is just one of the signs of GTA Towing’s dedication to professionalism. The towing company, based here in Canada’s most populated city of Toronto, already has its hands full with calls for towing services. GTA Towing’s services include roadside assistance, towing, car lockout, emergency towing, and more, and all of these services are offered 24 hours a day with a guaranteed 30-minute response time. Even so, around-the-clock services have not let the little things like website design and updates slip through their fingers.

Along with all these updates to their company website comes one distinct promise: GTA Towing is committed to always bringing the best technology and best experience to the customer. From state-of-the-art towing equipment to certified licensure and training to a fully updated website, the company uses that which is always up to date and is the newest and best quality experience.

“We want to make the user experience that much better for everyone who comes to the company website,” remarks Whatt. “Customers come back when they have a positive experience, and every big company knows the value of that.”

To check out GTA Towing online, visit The company is located at 650A Dundas Street West in Toronto and can also be reached at (647) 724-3519.

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