Mortgage Loan Company Creates a Product Specifically for Servicemen and Servicewomen

Eugene, OR – Eugene Mortgage Loan Team has created a mortgage product that specifically caters to the needs of servicemen and women alike. The product is for servicemen and women who have already retired as well as the ones still working to serve the country today. The loan has proved highly popular with service men and women. Its popularity stems from the fact that the loan has several benefits. It’s a good way of rewarding men and women who protect the country.

According to David S. Corey, who is a loan advisor at Eugene Mortgage Loan Team, “We have always wanted ways of giving back to a community that serves and remains loyal to us. Our decision to create a mortgage product specifically for the service men and women who have served our country gallantly over the years stems out of the desire we have to show them an appreciation for the job well done. This is why we created VA Loan for them.”

The new product doesn’t exempt servicemen and women from applying for and getting an FHA Loan. Anyone applying for a VA Loan is free to do so without making any down payment. The decision to eliminate the need or requirement for making a down payment is because of the organization’s desire to get rid of the obstacles that have made it impossible for service men and women to own houses in Eugene, OR in the past.

VA Loans are a great asset for service men and women who have grown tired of staying in apartments, which aren’t under their names. Living in any apartment indefinitely, no matter how great it is, isn’t something the company wishes to see the service men and women doing. What’s more, service men and women can apply for the VA Loan despite having bad credit scores. The new product makes it easier for applicants to ask for and obtain a home loan in Eugene.

Therefore, get in touch with Eugene Mortgage Loan Team today for more details on VA Loans, especially if you are a current or past service man or woman. Use the contact details that appear below. Visit the official website too for as much information as you need. Go to the company’s offices in Eugene, OR for a chance to speak with the personnel in charge of receiving applications for VA Loan. The new product is a boon for servicemen who want to own homes.

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