New Testimony Tells How New York Man Recovers From Stroke by Using Soul Healing Miracles Chanting Channel

Stroke victim uses alternative healing therapies from Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, the founder of Soul Mind Body Medicine.

New personal testimony reveals Tony Voros’ experience with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha’s new interactive Soul Healing Miracles™ Chanting Television Channel to recover from a debilitating stroke. Tony tells how after suffering from a left side stroke, he was partially blind in his left eye, experienced paralysis in both hands and left leg, had trouble following conversations and was unable to walk without dragging his left foot.

After hearing about Dr. and Master Sha’s Chanting Television Channel from his wife, they logged onto the Channel in the hospital for 24 hours to  listen to chanting practices and recite easy to understand mantras. “I started experiencing an immediate lift in my mood during the very first day,” says Tony Voros, 55 years old. “Because my stroke was atypical, my doctors told me that I would need months of recovery time with physical and speech therapists, but in the time that it took for my wife to fill out the paperwork for those therapies, I was already experiencing profound changes in my condition. Within 24 hours every part of  my body started working better.

But the most dramatic thing that happened was within the first 12 hours of listening to the healing mantras — most of my stroke symptoms went away. I felt like my old self again and no one could believe I suffered a stroke. Master Sha’s blessings and the Chanting Channel community saved my life,” Tony Voros adds. For the first time ever, Dr. and Master Sha bridges the world with a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week interactive Soul Healing Miracles™ Chanting Television Channel to teach others how to self-heal and join hearts and souls together to heal the world with soul-guided chanting through the teachings of sound therapy led by his Divine Channels and advanced students. To experience a personal transformation, go to the Chanting Channel:

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For more than ten years, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha has offered countless weekly soul healing conference calls that bloomed into worldwide webcasts attracting thousands of attendees to hear his unique health and spirituality practices that redefine healing by tapping into the power of soul. Now with over 100,000 Facebook fans and more than 250,000 followers worldwide, Dr. and Master Sha’s New York Times bestselling books helped to create a demand for people to see Dr. and Master Sha in-person all over the world, and has inspired national television shows, e-books, videos, and cds. Now, Dr. and Master Sha presents the Soul Healing Miracles™ Chanting Channel available anytime, anywhere via webcast television. Completely interactive and free, Dr. and Master Sha’s Chanting Channel provides viewers with opportunities for developing their spiritual journeys by learning to use chanting for healing, as well as ask questions, request blessings, and interact with Master Sha and his Worldwide Representatives anywhere in the world.

Throughout history, chanting mantras has been one of the most powerful spiritual and energetic practices since humans have been on the planet. Chanting involves repeating special sacred vibratory sounds, mantras or songs for healing, rejuvenation, purification of one’s life In a recent  Daily Mail article (, a senior lecturer in neuroscience was quoted saying that “the musical structure of chanting can have a significant and positive physiological impact and that chanting has been shown to lower blood pressure, increase levels of the performance hormone DHEA as well as reduce anxiety and depression.”

Chanting has been used in the African, Hawaiian, Native American cultures, as well as the Roman Catholic (Gregorian, psalms), Jewish (Cantillation), Muslim (Qur’an reading), Buddhist and Hindu religions for spiritual and healing arts, and ways in which people connect with God or the Divine.

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is the world-renowned miracle soul healer. He has created thousands of soul healing miracles worldwide in the last ten years ( He is the founder of Soul Mind Body Medicine®.

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