Caster Concepts Offers Conversion Drive Caster Options

ALBION, MI – 9/22/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — With so many companies working to reduce workplace overexertion and injury, while maintaining or improving productivity, it comes as no real surprise that engineers and product developers continue to devise new technology to do just that. Caster Concepts, a caster and wheel design company based in Albion, Michigan, created the Conversion Drive Caster® to help make the workplace safer and more efficient.

The Conversion Drive Caster® is motor powered and designed to move effortlessly, to help reduce risk of overexertion and therefore injury when moving industrial racks and carts between locations. In many industries, these heavy carts may require multiple people to move them, which takes away from efficiency and increases the risk of injury. The system includes the Drive Caster®, which is a motor-powered industrial caster that can support up to 5,000 pounds, a steering handle, an interchangeable battery, and controls that are incredibly easy to use.

Companies need only to replace one of the traditional heavy-duty swivel casters with the Conversion Drive Caster®, and more than one can be used per cart or rack to allow for even more advanced maneuvering. These units come with different bolt hole patterns and top plate sizes to suit a variety of industrial and commercial needs, as well.

These casters are designed to operate at typical walking speeds, and the self-propelled motor makes it easy for only one person to maneuver a cart or rack from one location to the next. Speeds can vary, though, based on the weight of the load, the surface condition, the slope, and even the material from which the floor is made. The control panel makes it easy and intuitive with options like a power switch, directional toggle switch, power light, battery meter, and even an emergency stop.

About the Company: Caster Concepts is an experienced, authoritative manufacturer of casters and caster wheels designed to suit any and all commercial or industrial application. Based in Albion, Michigan, they do far more than just sell existing products – they also work directly with industrial engineers to design and create casters specific to their needs. Their goal is to solve mobility issues efficiently and affordably.

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