Angel Crafts 30.5cm by 2.4m Transfer Paper Tape Roll Achieves the Landmark of Fifty Reviews on Amazon UK

“Angel Crafts 30.5cm by 2.4m Transfer Paper Tape Roll”
Experienced manufacturer of art and craft accessories, Angel Crafts is now making a steady progress in Amazon UK. Their 30.5cm by 2.4m Transfer Paper Tape Roll has recently gone past the landmark of fifty reviews in this online marketplace.

Angel Crafts, a well-known manufacturer of art and craft accessories, is gradually making their presence felt in Amazon UK. The company’s popular product in the US market, 30.5cm by 2.4m Transfer Tape Roll has just gone past the milestone off fifty reviews in Angel Crafts is a familiar brand in Amazon with a series of products selling successfully in As part of the company’s international expansion plan, some of the products were recently launched in Amazon UK.

Angel Crafts’ transfer paper for vinyl helps users with positioning their adhesive vinyl on the walls for home decor or other applications. These premium quality sheets are available as rolls with the width and length of twelve inches and eight feet respectively. Angel Crafts claims that the product’s special design makes it suitable for all well known brands of indoor and outdoor vinyl. The most important benefit of the product is its ease of alignment and positioning. It also has a specific grid backing pattern for quick and easy transfer of easy and quick.

A recent user mentions in his Amazon review, “I’m always dubious when it comes to transfer paper, it tends to either lack the stickiness and not pick up the vinyl or be too sticky and the vinyl ends up permanently stuck to it. This transfer paper however gets it just perfect! The roll is an ideal size, width-wise, and you get a generous amount of it too. It’s much better than other transfer paper I’ve found and this is partially down to the grid pattern on the paper which makes it a million times easier to apply your vinyl straight, something which I have struggled with greatly. It’s see through enough so you can see where your design is being applied and I love that the transfer paper has a backing to it instead of just being stuck to itself like other brands. It makes it so simple to cut the exact size piece that you need and therefore cuts down waste. Oh and it’s very much reusable which is a bonus for the frugal artists and crafters out there. I highly recommend this transfer paper and will be purchasing it again in the future.”    

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About Angel Crafts: Angel Crafts is an organization dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality accessories that are particularly useful in art and craft related applications. A large number of products from the company are selling successfully in  

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