Brother Filtration Releases New Generation High Flow Filter Cartridge Which Can Replace Pall, 3M CUNO and Pentair

Brother Filtration today unveiled a new generation of high flow filter cartridges that can replace Pall, 3M, Pentair Aqualine and Parker Mega Flow. The six different models available can handle a maximum pressure of up to 150 Psi, with varying lengths from 20 to 60 inches. Brother Filtration clients can choose different connection model for their equipments.

“We are happy to see clients embrace out new technology in a high flow filter cartridge, so far, the feedback from all our clients is pretty good – they are surprised by the unmatched performance these cartridges can offer,” said Jack, Brother Filtration product manager. “As a company, we will continue to invest in R&D to produce high quality and cost competitive high flow filter cartridges.”

In the company’s monthly newsletter, Brother Filtration highlighted their 4 uniquely designed high flow filter cartridges. These included:

1.      Max A High Flow Filter

Max A High Flow Filter can replace the Pall Ultipleat. Brother Filtration’s Max A is made of 100% polypropylene melt media and they make use of rigid hard cage as outer case. Max A series can handle high pressure operation, better filtration precision, efficiency and advanced protection for RO membrane.

2.      Ultro H High Flow Filter

Brother Filtration’s Ultro H High Flow Filter can replace, 3M Cuno 740B and 7000 series. It has a high dirt holding capacity and longer service life. The Ultro H High Flow Water Filter Cartridge has the following key features: radial pleat technology, 1.5 – 3 times larger surface area, twist lock mechanism, easy to handle, consistent performance, excellent chemical capacity, lower initial pressure drop and 100% advanced polypropylene.

3.      Max T High Flow Filter

Max T High Flow Filter is designed to replace the Pentair Aqualine. It is equipped with high quality melt blown polypropylene membrane and strengthened PP core. The multi-layer membrane structure provides graded filtration. Max T High Flow Filter offer a cost effective alternative in the RO pre-filtration process. The brother Filtration team can design customized membrane structures.

4.      Max K Series High Flow Filter Cartridge

Max K Series High Flow Filter Cartridge can replace Parker Mega Flow. The Max K is available in either single O-ring end caps or double O-ring end cap both for Megaflow old and new models.. The Max K series can handle larger water flow capacities in one high flow filter with graded filtration pores. It has multi-membrane layers and thermally bonded polypropylene.

Apart from these key products, Brother Filtration has introduced different types of membrane, pleated, sediment, stainless, industrial and high flow filters; alongside other products.

Brother Filtration’s new generation of high flow filter cartridge will offer:

• Multi membrane graded pore size for high dirt holding and durability.
• Rigid outer casing to handle high pressure drop.
• Handle large water capacity
• Modular design, thus can fit most filtration system
• Easy to operate, handle and install
• Better physical integrity

About Brother Filtration

Brother Filtration is leading manufacturer of high quality and cost competitive water filter cartridges. The company has invested in R&D and acquired modern testing equipment enabling to offer a cost competitive solution to OEM and ODM clients. With the help of highly skilled and professional technical team, Brother Filtration has introduced several products such as Max A, Ultro H, Max T and Max K high flow water filters; alongside other products.

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