Fuse Financial Partners’ Dan Gotte Appointed to SBDTC Board

Dan Gotte, partner with Fuse Financial Partners, has accepted a prestigious appointment with the Small Business and Technology Development Center of Southern Piedmont.

Dan Gotte has been actively involved with the Charlotte business community for many years.  Now, Gotte will have an opportunity to continue to do so through the Small Business and Technology Development Center of Southern Piedmont, where he has accepted an appointment as Chair of the Charlotte Regional Advisory.

According to Gotte, “The stated mission of the SBTDC is to help small businesses grow and maximize their potential. Their mission, perfectly aligns with what I do at Fuse Financial Partners, and with my personal passion as a businessman and a consultant. I am happy to be joined with such a like-minded organization.”

The SBTDC has been around since 1984, founded in North Carolina with the aim of encouraging growth among small businesses and startups, as well as mid-sized ventures. An extension of the University of North Carolina, the SBTDC provides local businesses a number of key services, including management consultation as well as educational services.

Gotte’s new role will be in effect through the next fiscal year, and he will focus exclusively on opportunities within the greater Charlotte area.

More information about the SBDTC and its role within the North Carolina business community is available at http://www.sbtdc.org

Additionally, more information about Dan Gotte and his role with Fuse Financial Partners can be found at http://fusefinancialpartners.com


Fuse Financial Partners positions businesses for long-term success with comprehensive CFO services, including guidance with business growth strategy, capital acquisition, and more.  Dan is a former IBM finance executive, entrepreneur and C.P.A./C.M.A. who brings the discipline of large companies squarely into the picture for smaller businesses.

More information is available online at www.fusefinancialpartners.com

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