Kuester Management Group Supports Strong Community Development and Organization

Kuester partners with builders and developers to help communities get off to a strong start and put effective plans in place.

It seems as though everywhere one looks, there are new developments being built and communities emerging. With so many options, it has become even more important to homeowners to find a community that aligns with their needs, interests, and budget. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group reveals how property managers can support builders and developers in creating attractive, well-managed communities.

“Developers need to be planning ahead right from the start,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “They must look at where they want the community to be, how it will look, and how it will operate. There are many moving pieces to coordinate while still trying to create a development that stands apart from its competition and appeals to homeowners.”

Partnering with a property management company can help builders and developers to do just that, says Kuester. A property manager can support developers in laying the groundwork and understanding what current home buyers are looking for in a community. They can provide insight into attractive amenities and features, architectural design considerations, utilization of space, and much more.

In addition, a property manager can assist with setting up the framework for the governance of the community and eventual transition over to an HOA board. This involves creating and implementing policies and procedures, collection processes, and other governing documents, all of which property managers are trained and knowledgeable in. They can be a valuable resource for guidance and insight as the developer starts to put these plans in place.

“Property managers can also provide a wealth of information about governance, vendor selection, communicating with homeowners, and transitioning from developer control to board control,” says Kuester. “Assistance with these types of tasks can allow developers to focus their efforts on larger issues and projects to get the community up and running smoothly. There are many tasks builders and developers may not have considered that property managers can ensure do not get overlooked.”

Kuester notes that it’s advantageous to begin building a positive relationship with a property management group from the start. As the community nears completion and transition of control begins, the property manager will already be very familiar with how things operate and can provide more personalized support to the HOA in continuing to keep things running effectively. The property manager can also enhance communication between the developer and homeowners regarding current and upcoming plans and projects, changes that are taking place, and updates to policies and procedures. Creating a thriving community requires teamwork and Kuester is proud to partner with builders, developers, and HOAs to generate positive results.


Kuester Management Group, a division of Kuester Companies, works to protect property values and enhance the quality of life in each of its managed communities. Providing a full range of association management services, Kuester Management Group has worked to foster strong, resilient, and unified communities across North and South Carolina. The company is proud to offer on-site property managers, all zealous for building strong communities meant to stand the test of time.

More information is available at www.kuester.com or @KuesterCompany.

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