New Film “Histotech” Explores the Consequences of Unchecked Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

We expect our places of work to be free from harassment, but that is often not the reality.  When there is ongoing personal infringement of a sexual nature, it is the responsibility of the business management to address it and resolve the issue.  However, when managers are themselves the instigators of such horrifying behavior, the problem can quickly grow into something explosive. 

This situation is at the heart of the new film “Histotech” from Pacific West Motion Pictures. The film tells the story of histotech Vivian Harris, who has just begun working at Northwestern Hospital. The head surgeon Peter Singer begins to harass Vivian, and is instrumental in the firing of one of her close friends.  The climax of the film occurs when Vivian, Peter and their colleagues are trapped in the hospital due to a major meteorological event.

This pulse-pounding dramatic thriller based on real-life events promises to enrapture audiences while exploring one of the most controversial issues of our day.  “Histotech” is being produced by Hollywood veteran Isaih Shaw who has successfully worked on major projects like “Video Platform: Los Angeles, CA, Media One TV.” “Histotech” is the debut project of his newly established independent film company Pacific West Motion Pictures.

Isaih Shaw is inviting the public to join him in creating this landmark feature film through his Indiegogo fundraising campaign.  If you help reach his campaign goal of $75,000, you may be eligible for valuable perks like T-shirt, poster, wallpaper, soundtrack, movie prop, movie extra role, shooting script copy, movie speaking role, movie character named for you, or Executive Producer credit. To learn more about “Histotech” or to make a financial contribution to this important project, please visit

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