West Roofing Systems Inc. Featured in US Builders Review Summer 2016 Issue Recognized publication

LaGrange, OH – September 28, 2016 West Roofing Systems Inc., an Ohio-based team of award-winning and experienced roofing technicians recognized in the industry for project quality and volume, was recently featured in the Summer 2016 issue of US Builders Review, a noted publication geared towards leading construction executives. As a business-to-business trade journal striving to build strong connections within the many sectors of the U.S. construction industry, US Builders Review connects with top executives representing general contractors, custom builders, specialty trades, architects, engineering firms, suppliers and more to extract unique perspectives and insights with regard to the advances and challenges of the country’s varied construction markets.

View the featured article here: http://www.usbuildersreview.com/case-studies/west-roofing-systems-inc/

In showcasing West Roofing Systems of LaGrange, Ohio for its Summer 2016 edition, US Builders Review staff were drawn to the firm’s awe-inspiring project portfolio which includes hospitals, universities, schools, government buildings, retail buildings and theaters – in addition to some 2,740 satisfied clients, 37 years of experience and 18 confirmed awards won.

At the heart of US Builders Review’s article is the way in which West Roofing Systems creates energy savings for its clients through spray-foam roof systems, touching on virtually all aspects of the company’s operations from the installation of commercial and industrial roofs that are flexible and versatile enough to withstand extreme elements, to its delivery of award-winning, high-quality roofing projects on time and within budget throughout the United States.

Established in 1979, West Roofing Systems specializes in spray polyurethane (SPF) and coated roof systems, the company staffing a multitude of expertly-trained technicians who are not only recognized within the industry for project quality and volume but for their understanding regarding the complexity of the products they use. As Chris West, vice president of West Roofing Systems himself explains it, “The most important part of what we do is knowing how to perform a number of different tasks; a true pro knows what product to put down and how to put it down properly, and that’s what we wanted to convey clearly in the US Builders Review piece.”

West Roofing Systems was also recognized for its approach to in-house training for each of its employees, with West explaining that the company does not seek out experienced foam roof applicators, instead choosing to train associates who have been with the company for a significant amount of time. “All of our applicators start with the company as laborers,” he says. “They move their way through the ranks, and after five or six years of being on the job they learn the ropes of installation.”

The process of installing an SPF roof is much less labor-intensive as compared to traditional methods, and the application that West Roofing Systems provides yields numerous benefits over a traditional roof. From its consistency, the fact that the product weighs less than a pound-per-square-foot and that it does not add much structural weight to the building, the myriad of positives regarding the West Roofing Systems approach were all highlighted in US Builders Review’s article.

The Ohio-based firm plans to eventually expand its operations with the addition of one or two more satellite offices, and it’s through these avenues of growth West Roofing Systems is hoping to to increase sales, reach out to more customers of particular regions and present opportunities to employees looking to graduate to management roles.

“We have made it clear to more than one industry-oriented publication that we don’t want to do anything just for the sake of expanding,” concludes West. “There are many families that depend on this company for a living, so our goal is to grow very methodically. As long as we remain on our current path, the organization will soon find itself in a position to expand and create those opportunities.”

West Roofing Systems Inc. is located at 121 Commerce Drive PO Box 505 in LaGrange and can be reached by calling (800) 356-5748. For more information visit www.WestRoofingSystems.com or email info@WestRoofingSystems.com.

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