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“Wiper Systems market” is anticipated to grow eventually owing to the rising global population leading to demand vehicles and rising use of public transportation which is expected to eventually increase the demand for wiper systems across the globe.

Global Wiper Systems market is expected to witness substantial growth over the forecast period on account of the steady increase in the production of automobiles in the developing countries. Wiper systems are used for removing dust, snow, ice, rain and debris from the windshield of an automobile especially during bad weathers preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers. Nearly all the automobiles, commercial such as trucks, buses, train locomotives, and non-commercial such as household cars have wiper systems attached to their windshields. Wiper systems have developed radically over the years and have witnessed considerable technological advancements which have changed wiper system into sophisticated products offering various benefits such as durability and usage comfort to the consumers. The manufacturing of wiper systems is highly dependent on the demand for new vehicles in the market.

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The future market growth is expected to arise from the improvements in product performance coupled with enhancement in aerodynamic designs, superior styling, and noiseless functioning. The wiper system market is anticipated to grow substantially owing to the demand of automotive in the global market. The improving socio-economic scenario has fueled the demand for luxury and premium vehicles owing to increasing research and development projects in the automotive industry which have eventually led to the development of wiper systems. Hatchback cars use wiper systems for rear windows and some expansive vehicles use wipers for headlamps owing to increasing demand for wiper systems.

Rising population and vehicle traffic has led to enforcement of stringent norms on the safety of drivers and passengers which are expected to increase the responsibility of manufacturers in the improvement of superior wiper systems. Research and development projects are increasing considerably in automotive industry leading to outsourcing the manufacturing to the exclusive wiper system manufacturers.

The wiper systems are categorized on the basis of functioning into, tandem system, opposed arm single arm (controlled) system, radial sweep pattern (top & bottom mount), pantograph sweep pattern (top & bottom mount) and on the basis of number of arms into, single arm system and double arm system. Components of a wiper system include wiper arms, wiper blades, jet wiper & washer and a motor that controls the movement of the wipers. The use of double armed wiper system has been growing significantly since its invention owing to its efficient functioning and thorough cleaning. The rain sensing wiper system is the new advancement in wiper system production industry which uses the electro-mechanical concept and can be manufactured at a very low cost.

Wiper system market is a very niche market and application is restricted to vehicles and other transportation automobiles. There has been a substantial increase in the manufacturing of the wiper systems as the demand for a vehicle is increasing and there is a growing awareness in the field of traffic safety norms. The usage is more in the countries with the tropical weather as the need of efficient wiper systems is substantial compared to other countries. The market is anticipated to grow eventually owing to the rising global population leading to demand vehicles and rising use of public transportation which is expected to eventually increase the demand for wiper systems across the globe.

Growing awareness for traffic safety has to the implementation of various rules and regulations such as Cap 374F Road traffic (Safety Equipment) Regulation and The Traffic Safety Act which has led to the development of technologies to reduce the cost of production and manufacture efficient functioning wiper systems.

In North America, the market is anticipated to experience sluggish growth on account of slowdown in 2013 & 2014. The wiper systems usage is restricted to cars and light trucks owing to a restrictive growth. In Central America, the market is expected to grow eventually as the purchasing power of the consumers is increasing. Same is the case of some regions in Asia-Pacific such as Japan where purchasing power is weak owing to the Europe crisis. China and India are developing economies owing to which growth is anticipated as the consumer demand is increasing. The Central American market is expected to grow considerably as the per capita income is increasing. The Middle East & African market is anticipated to become the second largest market after Asia-Pacific as the purchasing power of consumers is increasing drastically owing to the changes in Government regulations.

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Key market contributors include Advanced Prototyping Inc., AlphaTherm, American Mitsuba Corporation, ASMO Manufacturing Inc., C & H Die Casting Inc., Denso Corporation, DOGA S.A., Federal-Mogul Corporation, PMP Auto Components Pvt. Ltd., Robert Bosch GmbH, Trico Products Corporation, Valeo S. A. and WEXCO Industries Inc.

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