Chicago Organization Launches New Product For A Healthier Lifestyle

Web Naturista has announced a new solution to help patients lose weight in order to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The new solution is known as Ayurveda, and is recommended for individuals who have had trouble losing weight in the past with other products.

Chicago, IL – Web Naturista, which runs, has announced a new solution that caters specifically for the needs of patients who have tried other weight loss products and programs without much success. The new solution is known as Ayurveda. It’s one of the many solutions that’s specially meant for weight loss. The Chicago organization intends to make the product easily accessible and affordable to users in this part of the United States.

“Dieters are constantly worrying about finding new and more effective ways of shedding excess weight,” said Natalie Freund of Web Naturista. She continued by saying, “Ayurvedic treatments are some of the most effective solutions in the market today for eliminating the additional weight that makes you uncomfortable. Ayurveda is unlike ghee and other products patients use to get rid of the excess weight. Its effectiveness doesn’t hinge on fulfilling some conditions.”

Ayurveda is not a new product in the market per se. It has been used in different cultures over the years to provide holistic treatments for different types of health conditions. Its origins are in India, particularly within the Vedic culture, where the locals began using it many centuries ago. Its creators believed that perfect health or wellness is the product of the delicate balancing of the mind, body and spirit. It focuses on promoting good health instead of fighting diseases.

It’s safe to conclude that the Ayurveda treatment hinges on the belief that weight gain is a product of imbalanced mind, body and spirit. A disruption of this balance could be because of factors such as emotions, age, changes in climate and seasons, injuries, and birth defects or genetic. Finding all the information that you need on Ayurveda can be quite difficult; hence, the decision by Web Naturista to launch help patients.

An Ayurveda practitioner can only recommend treatment based on the uniqueness of your Prakriti and primary Dosha. The treatment you receive also depends on whether your mind, body and spirit are perfectly balanced. The main objective of the treatment is to remove all the food you have not digested from your body. The treatment doesn’t work alone. Its success also depends on other treatments that the practitioner recommends or prescribes for you.

For more information on using Ayurveda to eliminate the excess weight that’s troubled you for years, you should get in touch with Web Naturista. You can do this via emails and phone calls. You may also write letters and wait for answers. The treatment is likely to work where all the others have failed. Indians are not renowned for being obese or suffering excessive weight gain and this could be because of the effectiveness of Ayurveda.


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