ChoiceTrade Capital Group enter the Chinese market

Company Profile

ChoiceTrade Capital Group, LLC (CTC) is a securities brokerage company has a very professional experience in the operation of financial capital market, the company   is mainly engaged in securities, options and private equity fund. CTC HQ located in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, the main marketing business covering 51 States and North America, the company also has branches in the world’s 5 continents. CTC has an Asia Pacific operations center in Hong Kong, which manages both RMB and USD funds for leading institutions, corporations, and families in China and around the world.

CTC is registered in SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), and also a registered member of the financial industry regulatory authority (FINRA), CTC is strongly recommended by the NASDAQ (Nasdaq) the as an online trading of securities business. In 2012 the company successfully operated private asset securitization in the United States, in the past 5 years CTC has made remarkable achievements and established the investor data management system.


Company Culture

Pragmatic and innovative spirit of service, modest and prudent attitude, professional service team, we aim to achieve our vision and goal in the shortest time possible.


Company Purpose

We take responsibility in helping enterprises realize their full potential and better serve their customers, shareholders and communities.



Company Product

CTC is engaged in private securities, CTC private securities is an assets securitization investment product, company buys high value mortgage assets, and put them in asset securitization and sales to the global financial institutions and investors. CTC purchase low risk debt, including loans for housing mortgage and other assets, then the following 6 steps of asset securitization.

1. CTC establishes a special target vector (SPV) to transform assets into securities.

2. CTC issues asset securities with the special target vector or other SPV, investors pay the special target or other SPV to subscribe for asset securities.

3. CTC uses the funds raised from the original owner to purchase underlying assets.

4. CTC packages, manages and distributes the purchased underlying assets.

5. CTC allocates revenue of underlying assets to investors according to the agreement.

6 CTC sales securities with the private securities trading platform.

In recent years, with the asset securitization became popular in the global market, in addition to the online securities trading business, driven by the rapid development of the Internet in the capital CTC is developing the global market, CTC is dedicated to providing professional management of assets to the world’s leading companies, large organizations and individuals, so that the investors around the world can more easily join the capital market but also to optimize the product structure, the company will launch the first “C” series of private equity securities in 2016, investors can easily get excellent returns from 8 different investment combinations according to their needs.



Product Advantages

ChoiceTrade Capital Group introduces a brand new business model of asset securitization, eliminating the intermediate links, returns more profits to ordinary investors.


Media Contact
Company Name: ChoiceTrade Capital Group, LLC
Contact Person: Dean
Phone: 800-810-2995
Country: United States