Government Looks to Kentucky for Help to Fight Opioid Addiction

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How Kentucky treatment centers provide addiction assistance

Less than a month ago, the United States Federal Government petitioned Kentucky to improve their drug resources and enhance the nation’s prescription drug monitoring program. According to reports, Kentucky ranks high among states where prescription drug and opioid addiction thrive. Because of the state’s push to end its local opioid addiction, the Federal Government looks to Kentucky to help fight opioid addiction in the entire country.

In 2015, Kentucky lawmakers approved Senate Bill 192 in order to crack down on the recent rise of heroin imported into the United States. The law allows for up to 10 years in prison for importing, distributing or selling heroin, as well as the intent to do any one of the three. Additionally, the law appropriates over $10 million toward the proper treatment of heroin and other opioids. If opioid addiction is left untreated, it will cause negative effects on every aspect of life.

Opioids are known to cause anxiousness, agitation, confusion, severe mood swings, nausea, fatigue and heart damage. They also cause negative behavioral patterns, such as lying or deceptive behavior, a decline in performance at school, work or home, lack of interest in daily activities, a decline in self-esteem and hostile behaviors toward loved ones. Because opioids enhance the body’s natural painkillers by blocking certain receptors, the brain will cease to function normally and rely on the substance to create the feelings. The brain and body have become dependent on the substance and will continually need it in order to function normally.

Treatment centers in Kentucky offer a wide variety of treatment options in order to cater to each patient’s unique and specific needs. Everyone experiences addiction and reacts to treatment differently, which is why each program begins with a thorough assessment in order to diagnose every condition the patient may be suffering from. A lot of times, addicts do not realize that they have been suffering from an underlying mental health condition that is adding fuel to their addictive behaviors.

When an addict is also suffering from a mental health disorder, they will take part in a dual diagnosis treatment program which is specifically designed to treat the behavioral challenges of addiction. One of the most effective therapies included in the dual diagnosis program is the brief strategic family therapy. Medical experts believe that family members have a lot to do with both mental health disorders and substance addiction. Studies show that both are caused by genetics, family history and immediate environment. By including the family in the treatment program, patients and their families can learn how addiction is caused, how it affects everyone in its path, what its signs and symptoms are, how it can be treated and how to support someone through the difficult process of recovery. It is also important to reconnect and rebuild family relationships in order to help structure a large network of support for recovering addicts.

One of the best tools to help recover successfully and maintain sobriety is to be surrounded by people who love, understand and support you in a safe and positive environment. Support groups keep recovering addicts motivated to remain sober and live a healthy life.

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