Marijuana Addiction in Illinois Is Real

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The majority of people that use marijuana are not addicted, so they claim.

The word addiction may need to be reexamined. The reality is some people have used marijuana for years, and considering that it is still illegal in many areas, you have to wonder if their inability to quit is simply because they enjoy flirting with the law. There are many users with stress, mental illnesses, and other vulnerabilities that are prone to addiction if they continually use marijuana. Some people aged 60 and above have been using marijuana for over 40 years. When they stop, there are no withdrawal symptoms. So, it would seem that for many, marijuana represents a mental addiction. Marijuana addiction in Illinois is real.

Marijuana Addiction Is Similar to Other Drug Addictions

While similar, withdrawal symptoms if any, are not as severe as those associated with other drugs. It may surprise some people that people treated for marijuana addiction have used the drug on average for a decade. These same people have attempted to quit almost an average of seven times. The truth is marijuana users may also be addicted to other drugs concurrently. Thus, people being treated for other drugs are assessed and treated for marijuana at the same time. Treatments for marijuana include the following:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This is a form of psychotherapy that teaches people how to deal with their stresses and challenges in a positive way. It also teaches patients to make a more thorough connection with their thinking processes and behaviors. Patients realize they have self-control at their command that they can use.

  • Contingency Management – Good behavior is rewarded by positive, while bad or negative behavior is not. People react well to receiving positive rewards.

  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy – This is used to help patients to rapidly change on their own through enhanced motivational techniques. Therapy seeks to mobilize a person’s own internal resources and strengths.

Almost one in ten people who abuse marijuana will become addicted to it. Younger people are more prone than adults, primarily, because many think it is a cool habit to have.

Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment?

Most marijuana addictions can be treated as outpatient clients. The reason is that most marijuana addictions are not life threatening. Outpatient treatment is just as effective as inpatient treatment, but gives the individual freedom to return home at the end of their rehab session. Detox medications are not as prevalent as other addictions, so therapies and counseling can take up the bulk of the patient’s treatment program. Patients are expected to follow their doctor’s orders to the letter.

If you or a loved one has a marijuana addiction, the best solution is to seek clinical help. There, at a rehab center, professionals can help recovering addicts understand the causes and cures of their addiction. No addiction will yield positive results, no matter how harmless the addiction seems. It can only lead to damaged relationships and possible jail time over a longer period of time.

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