Procuring High Quality Stainless Steel Tubes, Strips & Coils Possible Now With Shanghai Metal Corporation

China based Shanghai Metal Corporation boasts of offering international quality Stainless Steel Tubes, Strips & Coils and other products for different industries around the world.

There are different industries in which stainless steel products, such as steel pipes, steel tubes, steel strips and steel coils are used. China based Shanghai Metal Corporation specializes in the production of international quality products that meet different quality and safety standards. Moreover, the company can supply custom products as per the specification supplied by the clients.

The company has a wide variety of stainless steel products in their portfolio and their stainless steel tube has a significant demand all across the world. They can supply tubes in different lengths, and with a considerable thickness range. Besides, these tubes are manufactured following international standards and an industrial client can rest assured of the product quality.  The company not only supplies steel tubes in custom dimensions, but they also allow choosing a custom surface finish that can best meet a client’s requirements.

Procuring High Quality Stainless Steel Tubes, Strips & Coils Possible Now With Shanghai Metal Corporation

Industries can also procure the stainless steel strip for a high performance and durable use in their different applications. The anti-corrosion strips are available in different widths and different thicknesses and the company can supply strips in custom lengths as per the customer demand. Customers can also choose from different hardness and different types of surface finishes, including 2B, BA, and TR. The strips are produced by hot rolling of slabs and by the cold rolling of strips. They can manufacture stainless steel strips that can maintain the desired surface characteristic and the mechanical properties.

Shanghai Metal Corporation announces to supply thegalvanized steel coil with the zinc coating, suitable for different applications. With a superior paintability and weldability, the steel coils are ideal for different production needs through the processes of bending, forming or pressing. The company specializes in the production of environment friendly coils that are 100% recyclable and do not harm the environment. With an improved structural quality and deep drawing quality, the coils are suitable for applications that require more draw-ability. To know more about the steel coil and other products the company produces, one can visit the website

About Shanghai Metal Corporation

As an international manufacturer and supplier for metal, construction, machinery, containers from China, Shanghai Metal Corporation can provide a variety of high quality metal, construction, machinery, containers etc. The company mainly manufactures aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, galvanized steel, steel bridge, steel structure, metal bending machine, metal processing, block machine, all kinds of shipping container, equipment container, reefer container, and medical accessory. They provide top quality and custom service and supply top quality products.

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