A Comprehensive Guide To Protecting Personal Information Launches

In the digital world presented by the 21st century, practically everything put online risks exposure to malicious individuals. Here to help protect private information is a new book titled Protect Your Personal Information.

PwC cybersecurity, a multinational cyber security enterprise, reported a thirty-eight percent surge in cyber security attacks in 2014,(1) showing just how quickly online security is becoming a threat. With the expansion of social media into the lives of the general population, these internet-based attacks are rapidly reaching the lives of individuals. Here to neutralize this threat is Protect Your Personal Information, the latest collaboration between Anzar Hasan, a renowned Information Security Audit Professional, and Abbas Mirza, an acclaimed Solution Architect. The in-depth guide covers everything from preventing identity theft, to keeping children safe while online. With this level of depth, Protect Your Personal Information aims to help everyone access the wonders of connectivity without worrying over the intricacies of web-based personal attacks.

 The book begins with the horrors that plague a typical and neglected home computer, allowing readers to fully understand into the possible threats and consequences of computer with an uninformed owner. These possibilities include the hijacking of usernames and passwords, the altering of Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), and use of the owner’s Social Security Number (SSN). With these data mined resources, hackers can wreak havoc on the life of the computer owner. Purchase can be made with the owner’s credit card without notification of the owner, as a collected email password can be used to delete the order confirmation notice. But this is a relatively minor attack. More severe attacks can include the creation of loans using the computer owner’s credit, destroying credit scores and embezzling thousands of dollars.

 This is where Protect Your Personal Information fulfils its niche. By providing a digestible guide on preventing these attacks, anyone can become adequately prepared for an infiltration attempt. In addition, readers will become informed on the technical terms for types of threats paired with how these attacks become successful. In this way readers will become able to fortify specific weak points against narrow spectrum attacks and learn broad concepts to generally increase security. One of these weak points is social media. In fact, many readers are shocked when they learn how much information a hacker can derive from just a social media username, revealing location data, job position, name, and more. What’s worse is the fact that many people use the same username and password for every social account, giving any attacker access to all accounts after one combination is broken. With understanding of these concepts Protect Your Personal Information provides relevant tips, in-depth analysis, and threat identification, making it perfect for providing every internet citizen the security they need.

About The Authors

Protect Your Personal Information was authored by Anzar Hasan and Abbas Mirza, two security specialists, each with over a decade of experience in the field. In 2010 the duo created the G7 Security app, providing everyone an affordable set of essential protective tools including Whois Lookups and TCP/IP connection pinging. In the same vein, Anzar Hasan and Abbas Mirza aim to share their knowledge of the cyber security field in an easy-to-understand way that allows any reader the ability to defend themselves against malicious attacks.

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