Crowdfunding Campaign Successfully Underway For Helheim RPG: Tabletop Roleplaying in the Norse Realms

Table top games lover Nat Skinner has set out to develop a new and creative tabletop roleplaying game taking inspiration from classic loved games. His new game Helheim RPG will take players on an adventurous and thrilling journey in the lands of Men shared by Gods Giants, Spirits, Dwarfs, Elfs, and the Dead of legends. Nat requires funds and aims to build support for his project, therefore he has taken the initiative of setting up a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a funding goal of at least $3,000 to be pledged by Sun, Oct 16 2016. The campaign is successfully underway and has managed to draw the interest of creative tabletop game lovers.

Nat has been playing tabletop games since a very young age, over the years he has been able to identify the shortcomings and flaws in many RPGs available currently, this prompted him to develop a game of his own that will excite and thrill players like him. He has been developing and configuring the concept and gameplay of Helheim for the past many months, dedicating all his time and money on a world that would take players on an adventurous journey through a world unknown, Norse Realms after the nine worlds have fallen and a single world, the nine realms, has risen, the gods are dead, giants, spirits, dwarfs, elfs, and the dead of legends now share the lands of men. 

Talking about what makes Helheim a unique tabletop roleplaying game, Nat said: “Multiple characters are under the player’s control, as part of their force. Dice rolls help tell the story by giving increments. The game has a classless system allowing players to develop characters as they choose, and many more interesting features.”

What started as Nat’s experiment has now evolved in to a product that many people of different ages will be able to enjoy, Nat further explained that the majority of funds from the crowdfunding campaign will go towards the development of final layout and artwork for the game. Various perks and rewards are being offered to those who make monetary contributions to the project.

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About Nat Skinner: By day, he supervises a team of engineers working on energy safety issues in California, by evening he works on my PhD in public policy, and otherwise he likes to spend his time working on game design and painting models.

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