Third Eye Sunglasses Now Available to Everyone

““We can’t say that we were surprised by the demand””
Shivas is the brand name and maker of the “Third Eye Sunglasses” once seen on Prince. The sought after glasses are now being released to the public through their brand new website.

Always known for being ahead of the curve, Prince was an artist that was responsible for setting trends. Whether in music or fashion, he brought style and fun to every occasion. Sunglass maker “Shivas” has now received so many inquiries for the sunglasses worn by The Artist that they have now built a website to address all the orders and demand. Third Eye Sunglasses are now available through their online store.

“We can’t say that we were surprised by the demand,” says Kourtney Wagner. “They are unique glasses that look good on most people. Not only are they fashionable but they send a statement that says ‘I’m awake’. So far, we’ve had a lot of inquiries, and realized it’s time to set up a way for everyone who wants the glasses to purchase them.”

The sunglasses were intended to be a statement about protecting the third eye from damage, something practitioners of yoga and the esoteric feel strongly about. When worn with the extra lens right in front of the pineal gland wearers are sending a message to others about what’s important. And, according to the designer, “…it also looks really cool.”

The glasses are currently priced at $35 dollars, but the website also encourages that visitors sign up for promotions.

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