GNFEI is an exclusive supplier and distributor of multifarious inkjet printers

Conceptualized in the year 2006, GNFEI has blazed a trail in producing and supplying a surfeit of versatile inkjet printers including UV flatbed printers, coffee printers, and t-shirts.

Printing technology has undergone a massive and irreversible change especially after the emergence of digitization. Nowadays, with the help of digital technology, it is possible to reproduce or reprint a design or layout almost anything on nearly any surface. And the print quality is so excellent that the images, prints or reprints appear almost original and lifelike. is one business organization that has been wholeheartedly engaged in the manufacturing, distributing, and retailing of a range of printers since 2006. In the last 10 years since its inception, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. Presently, GNFEI exports its wares to more than 50 countries both on a retail and wholesale (individual/institutional) basis. The production unit specializes in creating high-class UV printer.

The UV printer produced by GNFEI by factories located in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Hefei is in a class by itself. There are several advantages or benefits that accrue from using this specific printer. For a start, the product can be used for embossing directly on near endless range of surfaces including smartphone cases and t-shirts. For transferring the image onto the surface, there’s no need to apply a coat in advance. The non-touch piezoelectric printing technology ensures that the print dries fast enough and the quality of the same is par excellence. Additionally, the technology allows for the usage of white UV ink-a benefit not available with a flatbed printer even with eco solvent ink. The print head of this printer is of EPSON so customers will have complete peace of mind using this product. GNFEI maintains a very strict pricing policy which means customers throughout the world are charged identical rates.

GNFEI is an exclusive supplier and distributor of multifarious inkjet printers

Another product that the Hong Kong based corporation has amassed extensive experience in producing is the coffee printer. This printer makes use of inkjet printing technology and comes equipped with a HP printer head. Food-grade inks of C, M, Y, and K colors are used for creating images on lattes, cappuccinos, milkshake, milk, small cakes, cookies, and chocolates to name a few food items. The printing speed is quite high enabling the equipment to create designs on a cup in about 10-20 seconds. The software for the printer is compatible for using on a suite of Windows OS systems including Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP.

GNFEI is also experienced in manufacturing phone case printer that is widely used for transferring images on the back covers of protective skins that envelope or sheath smartphones. This smartphone cover printer is a versatile product harnessing micro piezoelectric print technology to print in both colored and white tints simultaneously and separately. The outfit manufactures eco solvent printers, edible food printers, textile printers, 3D multifunction printers, CD & DVD printers, flower printers, and nail-art printers.

About is a manufacturing concern headquartered in Hong Kong specializing in the production of a range of versatile printers. 

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