WILDWOOD, FL – 9/29/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The corporation with stock symbol “EFLN” would like to inform our investors of great potential for long- term company stockholders.

1. Efuel Efln Corporation is a publicly traded company registered on OTC Market under symbol “EFLN”. A Holding company with five divisions. These include but are not limited to: Energy Conservation, Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate, and Agricultural. The Real Estate, Retail and Agricultural are fully operational wile the other two are in early developmental stages that is in our business construction plane (CHEROKEE TRADING MALL) in four states in the USA. Also, the investors and government should positively thank that this divisions will create thousands jobs in the US economy.

2.The eFUEL EFN CORPORATION has quality assets with significant value. They are currently working on our portfolio to expand business asset holdings with an Equity Enhancement Program that has a unique and innovative structure. This EFLN INC independent found portfolio will lend capital to eFUEL EFN CORPORATION, and help the company divisions to achieve its growth potential.

3. With this Equity Enhancement Program “EFLN” primary objective are to secure $35,000,000.00 construction loan and a financial portfolio for faster growth. The company management has being recognized for its individualized approach, and flexibility. They expect to build a stronger financial foundation for business success, grow the Balance Sheet, and greatly enhance income level in near future. Presently company has over $18,000,000.00 in assets and over $600,000.00 in revenue. This assets and revenue will increase by the next quarter of 2016.

For the “EFLN” potential investors, this is a great opportunity for “old and new investors” to take advantage of a growing company. Current investors believe “EFLN” stock to be undervalued.

Please, look for company’s information on the State of Florida, IRS, SEC,OTC Market filings and eFUEL EFN CORPORATION Investor Hub Message Board. The company website or

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