Warm congratulations to Germany’s Top 100 log in New York Times Square

We all know that what’s important for decoration is the foundation rather than appearance, without good foundation, no matter how gorgeous the appearance is, the outcome equals to 0! Especially the choice of boards. Environmentally-friendly is very important! We can’t play jokes on our family and our children’s health. The production of board requires strict and rigorous process, each step must be strictly in accordance with the procedures, even a little bit mistake would cause unqualified environmental standard. Currently, the E0 level board in the market is a mixed bag, there are only a few true E0 level products. Because it needs to conduct overall control from aspects of material selection, equipment, and technology, in order to truly reach the E0 level, and very few enterprises have such strength and technology.

Germany Top 100 board–the leader of international environmental standard, 3 times superior than national environmental standards. With the core of ACEART technological process, select aerobic wood of more than 30 years, A+++ level core material carefully chosen, process wholly digital drying, use plant resin adhesive/non formaldehyde adhesive, implement every detail to the extreme, monitor the entire process from log to finished products, with layers of strict screening, after 100 perfect procedures, cast boards specialized for Villa Mansions. By rigorous, strict German quality spirit, make each of the Germany Top 100 products as an artwork, the formaldehyde free, purge and aldehyde decomposition technique, bring the “forest” into every healthy home in the world and create a high quality of life foundation for your beloved homes.


Create a century enterprise, mold a perpetual brand, Germany Top 100 take “Purify every meter of space” as our mission, committed to build “ green, low-carbon, ecological, technological and environmental-friendly” living space, let the Germany Top 100 become the first choice of the global healthy family! Germany Top 100 focuses on the quality of Germany industrial, do our best to forge the first brand of high-end international environmental protection materials, initiate boards specialized for Villa Mansion by ACEART process, with international environmental standards, win the favor of the market with excellent technology! Germany Top 100, regards lions as our totem, win the crown of the industry with quality! Take environmental protection as our life, lead the green market trend! Domineering comes from confidence, preciseness create excellence! Germany top 100, committed to become the king of wood, brings the original green jungle into urban life!

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