Science Proves Men To Be More Attractive with a Full Head of Hair

Sydney Hair Transplant Patients Regain Confidence

A new study conducted by John Hopkins University asked 122 adults, ages ranging from 18 to 52, to compare pictures of 13 men who underwent a hair transplant procedure. The observers were asked to compare the before and after pictures based on perceived age, level of success, approachability, and attractiveness. The survey’s results scored the “after” pictures higher in every possible category.

Quoting the study’s conclusions: “These aspects have been shown to play a substantial role in both workplace and social success, and this data demonstrates that hair transplant can improve ratings universally across all 4 domains.”

When asked to comment, Sydney Hair Transplant expert Dr. Ray Woods agreed with the study’s findings. “As well as women finding men more attractive after having a natural hair transplant, men themselves feel more attractive and more confident.”

Dr. Woods is the inventor and leading practitioner of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a much safer and far more natural-looking hair transplant procedure that transplants individual hair follicles rather than using invasive surgery to “strip mine” an area of the scalp for donor follicles by literally cutting a strip of scalp from the patient’s head. But as more men request FUE, this too can be abused by incorrect production line techniques and also cause massive damage to the head by using drills and time saving devices, putting the patient at risk. Dr Woods warns extensively about incorrect technique.

Dr. Woods understands how important it is for men to improve their appearance with a natural hair transplant. He offers a number of services, which include:

  • FUE Hair Transplant first devised and perfected by Dr. Ray Woods since 1989
  • Body Hair Transplant or BHT that was first devised and perfected by Dr. Ray Woods in 1998
  • Repair of Misplaced Hair Plugs
  • Repair of Destructive FUE, i.e., ‘Production Line FUE.’ From other clinics
  • Micro-surgical skin grafting to damaged & misplaced hairlines
  • Repair of Strip Excision scarring

About Dr. Woods: Dr. Ray Woods graduated from Sydney University Medical School in 1982. He has wide experience in many areas of medicine including Neurosurgery, Obstetrics, Internal Medicine, Trauma, Skin-cancer surgery, and Cosmetic Dermatological Surgery.

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